Sauce Mornay

For the sauce Mornay:
-  50 gms good fresh unsalted butter.
- 50 gms. flour.
- 1 liter milk at room temperature.
- 1/3 cup grated cheese ( Gouda, Edam, Emmental, Cheddar).
- 1 whole egg.
- Salt, white pepper, and nutmeg.
-  Make a bechamel sauce with 50 gms of flour and 50 gms butter.  Add salt, pepper and nutmeg.
-  Once it has cooled add one whole egg and mix well.
-  1/3 cup any cheese you feel like adding.
-  Mix well. 
Tip: Sauce Mornay is us with Fish and Vegetable dishes and as I found out lately from Wikipedia on Google it is also used for Hot Brown Sandwiches.


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