Saturday, April 16, 2011

Octopuss....Absolutely Delicious !!

Today we had the most delicious octopus ever and am dying to share it with you.
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Friday, April 15, 2011

Purée Of Lentils....Yet A Different Way

There is no two ways about it, lentils are good for this:

* on Google: Lentil Nutrition Information: Facts Of Nutritional Value Of Lentils

 Nutritional values of lentil are:
  • Proteins
  • Essential amino acids.
  • Dietary fiber.
  • Folates
  • Vitamins and minerals.

Nutritional Value Of Cooked Lentils

Values for boiled lentils without salt with serving size 198 gms or 1 cup.

  • Calories= 230.
  • Fat= 1gm.
  • Cholesterol=0mg
  • Protein=18gm
  • Carbohydrate= 38gm.
  • A= 15 IU
  • C= 3 mg
  • D=—-
  • E=0.3mg
  • K=3.5mcg
  • Folate= 350 mcg
  • Choline=64mg.
  • Calcium= 35mg
  • Iron=6mg
  • Magnesium=71mg
  • Phosphorus=350mg
  • Potassium= 700mg
  • Selenium=5mcg.
Now for the fun part:

You will need for today's recipe:
Serves 6
-  500 grms brown lentils well washed.
-  Water to cover and then some.
-  4 bay leaves.
-  4 cloves garlic crushed and finely cut.
-  1 1/2 Tbsp. chili powder ( the kind you use for chili con carne). It is not at all hot and has a back taste of cumin.
-  3 Tbsp. fresh cream.
-  Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
-  In deep saucepan add the lentils, bay leaves, garlic and chili powder cover with boiling water and cook till lentils are tender.  You may have to add more boiling water when you see them dry.
-  When the lentils are cooked, there shouldn't be any water left but should be moist.
-  Mash with the vertical blender/mixer until smooth.

-  Add fresh cream to your liking and blend in.
-  Season with salt and freshly ground pepper.
Serve as an entrée with a piece of focaccia and some parsley in the middle for decoration or on the side with sardines or any other omega 3 rich fish.
Bon Appétit
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dressing For Asparagus...Delicate

Une Botte D'Asperge!
Photo Courtesy Of Google

Spring is the time for asparagus. You can eat asparagus every day in a different manner. There are many ways to prepare this delicate and refined vegetable so it needs special handling, care and preparation. I will not go further to explain more about the how's and the do's but I will share with you a dressing recipe a friend of mine gave me a few years ago.
You will need:
-  500 ml of full fat cream.
-  1 Tbsp.  prepared mustard (Dijon by Maille).
-  1 Tbsp.  lemon juice.
-  Salt and Pepper to taste.
-  Wipp cream until it starts to set. 
-  Start adding mustard and lemon slowly.
-  Add salt and white pepper to taste.
Et Voila!
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Focaccia Bread....Yummy Yummy And Interesting.

A Focaccia
Focaccia is a typical Italian type of bread similar to pizza but using a filling as opposed to topping. It is bread with yeast. It can be made with whatever type of flour and filling you want.  The focaccia recipe I would like to share with you today is with all purpose flour and a filling made up of pitted sliced black olives, capers, oregano, chili pepper, sun dried tomatoes, garlic and oil.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fegato Alla Veneta....Typical Italian Dish

File:Map Region of Veneto.svg
Map of Italy
Courtesy of Wikipedia
on G
Fegato alla Veneta means calf's liver Venecian style. It is quick and easy. All it takes is calf's liver and onions.
The "Veneto"is one of the twenty regions of Italy, in the north east of this beautiful country. They have a very distinctive accent when they speak. The capital is, of course, Venezia!!
Our lovely Venice....Oh how romantic, during winter without all those tourists beautifully sad.....Piazza San Marco and the Basilica, the little narrow streets with little bridges across the canals....Ponte dei Sospiri (Bridge of Sighs) .....the movie Anonimo Veneziano (1970) in Milan...41 years ago.... memories.

Slices Of Calf's Liver (left)
Bowl With Calf's Liver
  In Milk

You will need:

Serves 6

-  1 kg of fresh calf's liver cut in strips, washed well under cold water and dipped in milk with oregano for at least two hours as per my photo
-  5 big onions thinly sliced in rings and shredded.
-  Milk to dip in the calf's liver.
-  2 Tbsp. oregano.
-  50 gms. of butter.
-  1 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  Salt and black pepper.
Note:  The milk is used to reduce the heavy calf's liver taste.

-  Melt butter with the oil in a deep sauce pan over high heat. 
-  Add onion rings and stir fry on high heat till they are soft but still "al dente". Not brown.
-  Drain, throw away milk, wash again under running water, strain, then add to softened onions and still on high fire cook just until the calf's liver is cooked. Do not overcook lest it hardens.
-  Season with salt and pepper and serve with rice.
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Shrimp Loaf........Light, As The Days Grow Warmer

Has anybody heard of a shrimp loaf?
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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Light Saturday Salad.....................Healthy / Low In Fat

I have to admit that people are now eating food with less % fat due to their awareness of the many health problems caused by eating "rich" food.
Maria is going to share with you today a simple, Saturday lazy salad, with a dressing of her own using Anthótiro or ricotta  (10-13% fat) instead of Feta (40% fat).

Italian Rocotta Cheese
Courtesy Of Wikipedia
You will need:
Serves 4
-  200 grms. ricotta cheese or fresh unsalted cottage cheese (Anthótiro in Greek) cut in small triangles.
-  3 big tomatoes cut in wedges.
-  1 scalion (fresh onion, spring onion) finely sliced.
-  1 tsp. dry oregano.

-  30 grms. parsley coarsly chopped ( leaves from 3-4 sprigs or more if you like much parsley)
For the dressing:
-  50 gms. Anthótyro.
-  1 Tbsp. from the above fresh onion.
-  1 Tbsp. parsley.
-  3 Tbsp. Olive oil.
-  1 Tbsp. Vinegar.
-  Zest of a medium sized lemon.
-  Chili flakes with seeds to taste (Boúkovo).
-  Some water for dilution.
Method for the Salad:
In a beautiful salad shallow bowl :
-  Arrange tomato wedges,
-  Sprinkle dry oregano,
-  Sprinkle parsely,
-  Sprinkle onion,
-  Sprinkle the cheese bits obtained by cutting etc.
-  Arrange cheese triangles between the tomatoes.
Method for the dressing:
-  Add all ingredients mentioned above into a blender and liquify the lot, adding some water to dilute into a dressing consitancy.
Serve in a bowl with spoon or as shown on photo below.

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Announcement To All My Friends And Relatives!

First of all I would like to thank all my English School Heliopolis, AUC, Guezira Sporting Club, Agami, American Community Cairo and Greek friends and relatives for your support and encouragement.
I would like to remind everybody that I would highly appreciate it if you guys would  use the "COMMENTS" section of the blog to post for any, I mean any, comments you may have, good or bad. This will help me imporve and help you eat better.
I just realized that I have written 110 recipes until today since I began on December 16th 2010 and even I can't find my way around my site. It takes me forever to find a recipe even though they have been automatically listed alphabetically by Blogger according to their labels. It is neither practical for you nor for me.
Therefore my blog site will look and may act funny for the next few days until I put things right. This job will be done by me and I don't have the foggiest idea how to do it!! I've been through the "help"section  about 100 times in order to find what I need....only to find out that I don't have the IT basics to do it.
So please be patient,
Much love to all
P.S. By hook or by crook I will be posting something everyday!!
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Black And White Chocolate With Cereal And Strawberry Jello / Yogurt Topping

Happy Sunday!! Time for our sweet!! Yey!! Maria has been experimenting the past two days on this cake and she would like to share it with you all.  We would really appreciate your feedback and comments on it as it is her idea of a fresh yet chocolatty cake for spring where the weather is not so hot but yet not that cold either.
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