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Sauce No.2 for Pasta: Olive-Oil/Garlic/Chilli/Parsley...Spaghetti Aglio, Olio, E Pepperoncino.

This recipe is one of the quickest you can make for Pasta. This is the kind that you can prepare at 4 a.m. after a night out with your friends and after hours of dancing. Everybody comes to your house for a "spaghettata" and soft jazz.

Sauce No.1 for Pasta: Sliced Black Olives/Capers/Sun-dried tomatoes and Chilli peppers.

A sauce for any kind for Pasta must not take longer to make than the time between you put on the water to boil, cook and strain the Pasta. In other words you make your sauce from scratch during the time your Pasta cooks, maximum 14 minutes depending on the type of pasta.

The best food ever....

G ood morning everybody today I shall give you my version of a beef patty...commonly know as "The Hamburger" quick and simple.

Time for Vegeterian...

Maybe it is time to eat something light for a change.

Sole Meunière With Scalloped Almonds And Vapour Baby Skin-On Potatoes

Your recipe for today will be something refined, light but rich.  Sole Meunière with scalloped almonds and vapour baby skin-on potatoes.

A Brand New Year... Make the best of it with only Positive Thinking and Dreams will be coming true!

W ow.. it is January 3rd already. How full are you after all the delicious traditional food you prepared. Recipes that have been handed down from your grandparents to your parents and now to you and your children. It is good to include something new every year, to DARE. Today's recipe is "Beef Stroganoff" but with my own twist.