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Apple Juice /Maple Syrup Brined & BBQ With Apple Wood Smoked Turkey....There Is Always A First Time

O k fellas I was brave enough to cook our Christmas Turkey on the BBQ. Read many of my favourite chefs' suggestions and mixed them all up to make up in my way. The legs and wings came out slightly tough but the breast came out juicy and deliciously well cooked. Exactly the reverse of what usually happens..... I think it needed another half hour on the grill....

Gratin Of Broccoli With Cheeses & Bacon

T hought I'd include this as my last posting for 2014 but was busy fixing some electrical stuff around the house so... We had this for Boxing Day lunch and people loved it! This is an old recipe made with cauliflower instead of broccoli so I said " what the heck " and used Broccoli instead and amazingly enough it came out much better ....