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Sauce No.10 for Pasta: Fresh Sardines/Back Olives/Capers/Sun Dried Tomatoes

T his sauce is rich in Omega 3, good for your health, and is very tasty if, of course, you like fresh sardines.

Sauce No.8 for Pasta: Tunafish Sauce With & Without Tomato.

T his is a very popular recipe both in north and south Italy and is delicious! You can make it with or without tomato. It is quite a filling sauce especially when you can use a bit more tuna: for example a can per person between 200 and 250 gms of tuna per can. This can be the main meal with a salad on the side.

Sauce No.7 For Pasta: Ham Or Bacon/Baby Sweet Peas/Cream

A s you may have noticed by now that you can make a sauce for pasta with almost anything you have in the fridge. So if you have smoked bacon or ham (which ever you prefer)it will do the job quite well and impress your guests.

Sauce No.6 for Pasta: Fresh Butter/Sage

T his spaghetti preparation is good for those evenings you are back from the office, tired, alone, don't want to order out and all you have in the fridge is old hard cheese and butter. This dish is may be too simple for guests but just for you.

Sauce No.4 for Pasta: 3 Salmon Recipe

T he ultimate pasta meal served with a green salad and a white wine of your choice.

Sauce No.5 for Pasta: Calamari/Mussels/Garlic/Chilli

T his is a very colorful and tasty sauce when you invite friends over who share the same tastes with you. The whole dish is quite impressive especially when black tagliolini (made with the black ink of the cuttlefish). Tagliolini are thin tagliatelle.

Sauce No.3 for Pasta/Grilled Meat/Volovan: Three different kinds of mushrooms/heavy cream/white wine/garlic/parsley

T oday's sauce is slightly more complicated in the sense that you will need more ingredients. It is however a sauce that will impress your guests. You can serve it with Tagliatelle (noodles), Papardelle (one inch wide noodles), or any kind of Pasta you wish, on grilled steak served with thin French fried potatoes, or fill puff pastry "Volovan" served as a starter in a formal dinner.