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Broccoli Au Gratin

A very impressive, tasty starter for a large family meal.  It can be done ahead of time and heated at the last minute. You will need: - 2 kg of  beautifully green, fresh and firm broccoli boiled crisp, and drained. Cut into medium sized florets. If the broccoli is with its stalk, cut off, peel, then cut into two 5 cm long sticks.  The stalks must be boiled as well. - 200 gms of thick bacon cut in small cubes. - 150 gms of Cheddar, Gouda or Emmental (or a mixture of the three) - 50 gms of fresh butter. - 50 gms  flour. - 1 liter of milk boiled and and kept hot. - 1/2 liter heavy cream at room temperature. - Salt, freshly grated pepper and nutmeg. Method: -  Preheat oven to maximum. -  Butter a 5 cm deep by 35 cm by 30 cm rectangular oven proof dish. -  Prepare the béchamel sauce using all the butter, the flour, the milk and the cream. The consistency should be fluid to heavy.  Melt the butter. Add the flour and mix to make a roux. A roux is when you mix melted butter and

Boiled Chicken with Basmati Rice/Lemon-White Sauce/Vapour Spinach

T op Chef season 5 is rubbing off on me. For us Greeks watching the TV reality show, today's theme was around the NFL Super Bowl. Your theme for today is this refined and tasty dish which would definitely not stop you from your dreams coming true.

Egg-Lemon Soup or "Avgo-lémono".... Delicious!!

H ello again today. You will enjoy making something totally Greek. This is a recipe which has been handed down from mothers to daughters since generations . I have no sisters so it was handed down to me. I love this soup...

Back To The 60's With "Negresco" !

H owdy there fellas hope 12 recipes for sauces are enough to keep you going for a while. Now it is time for you to cook something a bit more complicated which, funny enough, does have to do with pasta again. This was a dish very much prepared within the foreign community groups in Cairo, Egypt, during the 60's where I grew up. It would always be served in buffet dinners as one of the exquisite dishes which contained mushrooms something not very commonly used in those days. This dish, now, can be the only course served with a fresh, green salad on the side.

Sauce No.12 for Pasta: Green and White Tagliatelle/Four Cheeses

A colorful delicious dish which makes your mouth water just by reading the recipe.

Sauce No.11 for Pasta: Black Spaghettini

T his recipe my friends is one of the most presentable. The mixture of common inexpensive black fish roe (caviar), with fresh cream produces a black sauce turning the white spaghettini black when mixed together.

Sauce No.9 for Pasta: Clams in Shell/Garlic/White Wine/Capers/Ginger

T his sauce is a bit tricky in the sense that the clams have to be quickly steamed before the sauce is started. Once steamed, discard any clams which have not opened and strain the liquid from the sand which came out of the clams.