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Risotto "Light" Con Porcini Secchi.

T his is the second time I make a risotto in my life. The first was about 30 years ago and it was a disaster. Since then I never ate it even in Italian restaurants. This time my risotto with dried Porcini mushrooms was a masterpiece! (At least Maria and I thought so!). Here's what happened while we enjoyed some 1998 Cabernet Reserve...

Special Frittata With Whole Chicken Sausage.

T he Italians have succeeded in making delicious sausages made from chicken, not pork. They taste very good and can be mistaken for the real McCoy! Of course, like any other charcuterie, they are salty. One sausage every now and then is not bad when everything else is without salt at all. Eating them with an omelet is fantastic, even more when the omelet is a frittata, Italian style....

Teriyaki Marinated BBQ Pork Shoulder

O k ok!! I confess! I bought myself a new BBQ. My 24" in diameter RÖSLE is a beauty. She is the new love of my life (apart from Maria of course) Here are some pics!