Brandade de Morue - Cod / Potato Mash Gratin.

This recipe is based on Jacques Pepin's with a slight twist from myself to suit Greek taste.

This recipe is for 4 persons as a starter.

- 1 kg of salted cod fillet.
- 1 kg of potatoes skinned.
- 1.5 cups full fat milk.
- At least 6 large cloves of garlic
- 2 tsp. grated lemon zest.
- 4 tsp, lemon juice.
- Cayenne pepper to taste.
- 1 cup of olive oil.
- Freshly ground black pepper to taste
- Freshly grated Parmigiano cheese.

- Preheat oven to 200 deg. C.
- Skin the cod fillet and immerse into cold water and refrigerate.
- Change water as many times as possible over the next 24 hours to desalinate.
- Meanwhile boil the potatoes till tender (fork easily pearces potato).Peel and cut into pieces when cool.
- When the cod is desalinated, cook in water by lightly simmering water until fork easily pearces the fish. Do not over cook the fish lest it becomes too hard.
- Once cooled, make sure to the best of your ability to omit all the bones.
- Transfer the potatoes i…

Mistake recovery

My dear readers I have to announce my first mess up in this wonderful blog of mine. The dish I so elaborately wrote about regarding oven scalloped potatoes is called.

Gratin Dauphinois
and not Pommes Dauphines.

First Post (after a long time) January14th 2020 Pommes Dauphinoise

A most delicious common side dish for the Christmas Holidays, where fresh cream may be consumed without too much worry, is baked dish of sliced cream potatoes or culinarily the French would call Pommes Dauphinoise.

Please bear with me as it has been over 3 years I haven't blogged or used this program.

- 1.4 kg of potatoes.
- 500 ml full cream 35%
- 500 ml full fat milk.
- 2 cloves of garlic very finely cut.
- some butter, salt and pepper to taste.

- Buy the potatoes as clean as possible. Peel and slice without washing into half inch slices.
-  Mix sliced potatoes into a pan which can withstand the fire of the hob,all the milk and all the cream. Mix well.
- Add the garlic.
- Season with salt. pepper and nutmeg to taste.
- Boil the potato mix till the potatoes are nearly soft.
- At this point scatter a few pieces of butter around the pan and immediately transfer the pan into the oven till a nice color is obtained. 40 to 60 minutes. Careful not the burn the surfa…

Quince Marmalade....The Ultimate Greek Marmalade

I was told by an American friend of mine that Quince, the fruit, grows in various parts of the United States but for some reason people do not use it.

BBQ Eggplant Greek Style

Get baby Eggplant.

Cut in half lengthwise.Using a sharp knife score as shown in picture.Set them all on indirect heat.Cover bbq at high temp till eggplant are soft and cooked.Spoon out eggplant meat leaving behind the shell.Fill the shell with whatever dry meat sauce you feel like.Greeks use oregano as the main flavor.Make a thick bechamel sauce and cover the surfaces.Return to bbq and let surface of bechamel brown a bit. Enjoy Nick

Veal Piccata With A Greek Twist.

Wikipedia says, and I quote: "The piccata was an Italian dish consisting of thin slices of veal sauteed and served with a base of lemon sauce, capers and butter. The meat is tender, seasoned, rolled in flour and sautéed in olive oil until a golden crust on each side. The sauce is obtained by icing the bottom of the pan with white wine before adding the lemon juice, capers and butter. The sauce is then served on the meat, sprinkled with parsley and possibly decorated with lemon slices".

Cauliflower in Tomato Coriander Sauce on Cardamom Rice.

A homely everyday healthy meal would be vegetables. In this case we had cauliflower which we felt like eating in a different way than the usual plain steamed with olive oil and lemon. So I decided to cook it in a tomato sauce and dry powdered coriander giving the cauliflower a very tasty twist. Fresh coriander was add on top just before serving giving the whole dish a wonderful aroma. It was delicious. It was served on cardamom rice.

I apologize for the above picture. I always forget to take a photo once the dish is ready.