Spaghetti with Portobello mushrooms, garlic, and Gorgonzola Cheese.

Barilla No. 7 Spaghetti is the best type to use for this recipe because they are thick and fill your mouth very pleasantly with the ingredients. The parmesan cheese gives a general fantastic taste.  

Ingredients:   Serves 5

- 500 gms Spaghetti no. 7
- 500 gms of Portobello mushrooms cubed big.
- 150 gms Gorgonzola cheese room temperature.
- 4 big cloves of garlic smashed and passed thru the garlic press.
- 500 ml of fresh cream 35% fat.
- 50 gms of fresh butter.
- Salt and pepper to taste.
- Ground nutmeg to taste.
- Parmesan cheese.


- First make the sauce then the spaghetti.
- In a small pan dissolve the Gorgonzola in the cream and keep hot.
- In a big pan melt butter, add the cubed mushrooms, and saute slightly 1 minute. The mushrooms must not soften.
- Add garlic and stir 1/2 minute.
- At this point boil the water for the spaghetti (100 ml of water per 100 gms of spaghetti).
- Add the cream/Gorgonzola mixture to the mushrooms and stir till well mixed. Keep on low heat till the spaghetti are ready .
- Strain spaghetti, (keep some of the water they were boiling aside),into large serving dish.
- Add the sauce and mix. Grate some nutmeg to taste and mix, and grind some pepper also to taste.

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