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Remember I Suggested To Always Save Your Sauces?.....Well Yesterday They Came In Handy!!

Y esterday was one heck of a day for all of us and nobody had the time to cook anything. We never call for home delivery such as Pizza, Burgers, etc. (although I personally would loooooooove it) but Maria and Barbara refuse to eat non home made junk food!! So it was either stay without lunch and starve (I would) or think of something.

Lentils...And Yet Another Recipe

W e have to eat lentils once a week.   Just lentils - therefore we need to find different ways to cook them. Of course you can have lentils as a side dish, or mixed with rice or many other ways but alone....difficult. You will need: Serves 4 -  250 gms of brown lentils. -  4 bay leaves. -  4 - 6 cloves of garlic, crushed and finely chopped. -  2 medium onions roughly chopped. -  salt and freshly ground pepper. -  2 fresh tomatoes finely chopped. -  1 can sweet corn drained (285 gms. net). Method: -  Add lentils, onion, garlic, and bay leaves, in deep saucepan cover with water bring to a boil, simmer till lentils are cooked. Throw away the bay leaves trying not to forget one. -  With vertical blender purée the lentils as shown in picture. -  Add salt and pepper to taste. -  Add the chopped tomatoes and corn. Serve in soup dish and iff (mathematical term meaning if and an only if) you wish, cut a few slices of chili. (By the way this is one of the chilies I am weari

BBQ Kóndo - Soúvli.....Skewer of Pork Pieces On The Spit

A Kondo Souvli K óndo Soúvli means "short skewer". Don't really know why it's called that because it is made from marinated big pieces of pork passed onto a long skewer rotated by a motor over hot charcoal. For private home purposes it is passed through a normal shish kebab skewer or souvlaki as it is known in Greece about 10 inches long, you can either buy ready from the supermarket (during Easter days supermarkets have them ready to buy and cook) or you can fix it at home by buying the pieces of pork and doing all the job yourself.  The idea of the Kónto Soúvli is that as it turns, the heat from the charcoal cooks only the surface all all round, so after a while it has been turning, you stop the machine from revolving, you quickly put your plate under it, and cut only about an inch of the surface. The rest inside still needs to cook. In professional taverns they usually have it cooking about 4 to 5 hours before people are expected, so there would be

Turnip Pickle....Easy, Quick And Delicious

Turnips Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google. Beetroots Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google.  H ere's a quickie  for you:

Cheese / Ham / Spinach Crêpes Au Gratin.....Formal Entrée

Batter For The Crêpes C rêpes, similar to Soufflés, can be savoury or sweet.  Although in the case of crêpes they tend to be more sweet than savoury. There is a basic recipe for the crêpe batter to which you can add either sugar or salt to achieve your idea.

Strawberries On Rye......Delicious Breakfast !

M y daughter has definitely taken after me in culinary tastes and ideas. She thought of this delicious way to have a full and healthy breakfast as per photo.

Basic Cheese Soufflé.....First Of The Savoury Soufflés

My Cheese Soufflé When Time Was Up. Maybe Not  Impressive But Perfectly Fluffy Cheese Soufflé A soufflé by definition is an aerated creamy mousse. Soufflé is the French word in the past participle which comes from the infinitive "Souffler" meaning  "to blow".

A 30 Year Old Recipe For Carrot Cake With A Cheese Pineapple Frosting.

O ur children have grown up with this cake.  It is one of their favorite cakes and they insisted on having it on their birthday parties together with, of course,  THE chocolate cake as their birthday cake.  Therefore Maria is sharing a 30 year old recipe which has been used and re-used and by now all the kinks are out.

Strawberry Pancakes......For A Lazy Morning Breakfast

N othing like having strawberry pancakes for breakfast or brunch  at 11:00 AM on a Sunday morning specially on Easter Day after going to Church and eating  Magirítsa the night before and specially when you expect to have lunch around 4 or 5 PM waiting for the Kokorétsi and the goat (Chevron) to finish cooking on the spit filled with hot grey charcoal. 

Orange Codfish Cakes...An Inspiration

Codfish Cakes In Butter Orange Lemon Sauce Codfish - Vapour String Beans With Beetroot You will need: Serves 6 -  One pack frozen codfish filet cakes. -  25 gms of good fresh unsalted butter. -  Juice of half a lemon. -  Juice of half an orange, -  Zest of one orange. -  Freshly ground black pepper.  No salt. Method: -  Melt butter, add codfish cakes. -  Grind some pepper, and let cook at low heat  three minutes. -  Add juice of lemon and orange, and the zest. -  Flip fish cakes and spoon sauce over the lot.  Let cook another three minutes. -  Turn off heat, cover. Serve with vapour string beans and sliced beetroot in vinegar, garlic, and olive oil. Bon Appétit, Stelio

Curly Red Endive / Romaine With Avocado - Pineapple Dressing.

M aria would like to share with you her salad and dressing for this Sunday. For the salad you will need: Serves 4 -  1/2 Red curly endive head washed and dried and torn by hand in bite size pieces. -  1/2 Romaine lettuce head also washed and dried and torn by hand in bite size pieces. -  1  Medium tomato cut in wedges. For the dressing you will need: - 1 Ripe Avocado. -  1 Tbsp. lemon juice. -  3 Tbsp. olive oil. -  1/2 cup pineapple juice. -  Salt and freshly ground black pepper. Method:   -  Liquify dressing ingredient into a rich greenish creamy texture. All Ingredients In Liquifier Smooth Dressing Presentation of the Salad: Dressing in Bottom Of Bowl To Be Mixed By Hand.  Ready Salad. -  Put three Tbsp. of the dressing on the bottom of the salad bowl. -  Throw in salad. -  Mix by hand. -  Add a few cashew nuts and nicely arange the tomato wedges. -  Top with 3 more Tbsp. of the dressing. N.B.  The pineapple juice is kno