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Baked Camembert......Oozy

Camembert cheese comes from Normandie in the north of France.  Normandie produces most of  the cow milk.  It produces lots of cream as well and most of their cuisine has fresh cream in it.  Normandie is also the home of the famous Calvados an apple brandy. In local bistros patrons call it "Calva".

Roasted Goat !!.......Perfect For Easter

Easter is on Sunday and people who celebrate Easter usually eat lamb. Lately, however, everybody is colesterol conscious and therefore has began eating goat (chevron) instead, because it is leaner.
Butchers usually sell the leg with the shoulder including the ribs and if you are lucky a kidney.
I usually separate the leg, the ribs, and the shoulder and cook each separately in a different way each.
Assuming you will cook everything together, I still would suggest you cut off the ribs and keep them for some other time to serve them like this:

You will therefore need:
-  Whatever goat cut you have bought.
-  About 4 cloves of garlic cut in two.
-  8 pieces of fresh rosemary cut from your garden or pot.
-  Cut little pieces of the rosemary so you can insert them with the garlic.
-  Any prepared mustard, Colman's hot or Colman's Savora would be fine.
-  Some olive oil.
-  Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.
-  In the morning about 3 hours before you will chuck the…

Filo Spring Rolls With A Kick....My Concoction

So you have some left over filo from yesterday when you made Bric A L'oeuf, and some frozen cheese/egg mix from the other day when you made cheesy wraps and you have a couple of cawots, a parsnip, a red bell pepper, some chinese cabbage and a spring onion. 
I woke up this morning with a special recipe for spring rolls in mind in order use up the filo and cheese/egg mix.
You will need:
- Whatever filo you have left. If you have a brand new pack so much the better.
-  Whatever frozen cheese/egg mix left over. If you have fresh grated cheese put an egg inside and use it.
-  5 - 6 Chinese Cabbage leaves very thinly chopped.
-  1 spring onion finely sliced.
-  2 small cawots sliced with a potato peeler as per photo.
-  Some parsnip sliced just like the carrot.
-  1 red bell pepper brunoise. (You should know what brunoise means by now).
-  1 Tbsp. cayenne pepper. Yes 1 Tbsp. we want the spring roll to have kick to it.
-  Cut the filo as per photo the width must be at least 4 inc…

Bric A L'oeuf....Tunisian Mystery

Tunisia is a beautiful country. It is composed of desert, sandy beaches on the Mediterranean and mountains in the North near the Algerian border.  Its people are very nice, hospitable, and treat foreigners very well. I know because we lived there for 4 years and enjoyed every minute of them. Their cuisine is fantastic, Near Eastern with the most famous dish "The Couscous" but also the Bric A L'oeuf is misterious, and delicious.  It consists of a large round filo type pastry fried with a raw egg, canned tuna, parsley, hot chili, and any other fine blend of ingredients stuffing. My friends living in North Africa do not need my explanation. However all you guys living in French speaking countries will definitely have Tunisian or Algerian shops where you can buy the bric pastry. If however you cannot find this special round bric pastry, then the closest thing is the Greek filo. You will need:
For two bric
-  2 sheets of rectangular Greek filo pastry cut in half giving you two…

Beef Stew My Style !!!...It Is Still Chilly Outside

Today my friends we shall make a stew. I thought of sharing with you a different way than I usually make it. Instead of tomato I will use half a bottle of dry red wine and will not stir fry the onions and the garlic while searing the meat.

Baby Cheesy Wraps....Boo ! - Re - Ká - Kia (one word)

We have talked of chicken wings before as finger food. Today I would like to share with you some baby Greek filo pastry cheese wraps which can also be considered as finger food.

Fresh Zucchini Salad.

You will need:
Serves 4
For the salad itself:
-  3 medium size zucchini raw sliced lengthwise with the potato peeler.
-  1/2 small red cabbage very finely sliced.
-  1 yellow bell pepper cut in slices as per photo.
For the dressing:
-  1 medium  beetroot.
-  1 Tbsp. apple vinegar.
-  3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil.
-  1 Tbsp. capers.
-  3 Tbsp. beetroot juice.
-  1 Tbsp. lemon juice.
-  1/2 tsp. prepared Dijon Mustard.
-  Liquify above and adjust salt and pepper to taste.
Add the above dressing into the serving bowl add the fresh vegetables, and mix by hand only at the last minute before serving.

Chocolate Truffles For The Easter Holidays !

Today is Sunday and as usual Maria has a sweet for you to enjoy. Easter is in one week from today. Starting tomorrow Monday till Saturday midnight,  is no time to rejoice. However tradition says you prepare various specialties for Saturday Midnight and Easter Sunday.  Every Christian country has its traditions and certainly Greece has many. Maria is giving you chocolate. She is leaving all the traditional stuff to others.  Chocolate is loved by anybody and everybody and they will never say no to chocolate.

Orzo With Cream And Hot Orange Tomato Sauce.....Wow !

There are some very nice quick and easy dishes you can make when alone at home and you want to prop your feet up, eat and watch TV!!