Baby Cheesy Wraps....Boo ! - Re - Ká - Kia (one word)

Baked 45 Min. No Oil
Crunchy But Not Fluffy
Fried 5 Min.  In Olive Oil
Crunchy And Very Fluffy

We have talked of chicken wings before as finger food. Today I would like to share with you some baby Greek filo pastry cheese wraps which can also be considered as finger food.

Once you get the hang of wrapping them, they are easy. Basically that's all the work that has to be done.
So gather your family or friends sit around the kitchen table and wrap these babies.
You will need:
- 1 pack of Greek filo with the eleven or twelve sheets (apparently this one has twelve).
-  500 gms of any cheese you like (salty).
-  500 gms of any other cheese you like (non-salty) could be ricotta if you wish.
-  4 eggs whole beaten.
-  Pepper to taste.
-  No extra salt.
-  Mix cheeses, eggs, and pepper.
-  Cut filo into strips about 2 inches wide by cuttting through the whole pile. You will obtain 11 to 12 strips.

Cut Using The Ruler
Set Of Strips
Twelve Strips Therefore
Twelve Wraps
Note: Cut one strip set at a time and quickly warp the rest of the filo in foil so it does not dry.
-  Take one strip, or distribute a strip to each of your friends. Add a teaspoonful of the cheese mix on its end. Start wrapping forming triangles as in photos.

Step Three
Step One
Step Two

Step 5 And So On

Step Four

Step Six And Last.
Brush Some Egg To Stick
The End Of Strip.

-  This means you will wrap 11 or 12 boorekákia from each pile.
-  Repeat the same steps as above by cutting the remaining filo.
-  You should end up with about 80 wraps.

-  Brush some egg on both sides.
-  Bake at 180 degrees Centrigrade for 45 minutes until golden.
N.B. The original recipe calls for frying instead of baking. In my opinion baking is healthier and not greasy.  Far above you can see photos with both options. The fried are fluffier but "unhealthy" .
Serve hot with any dip......very crunchy!
Tip :  You can have a bunch of these wraps made and freeze them. Whenever you want to use any, bake or fry without thawing.  Nice to have when you get unexpected guests for drinks.


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