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Φαγόπυρο....Cracked Buckwheat (Fagopyrum Esculentum In Latin).

C ooked cracked buckwheat  has a glycemic index of 45 (anything less than 55 is good). It is therefore indicated for diabetics (type 2) as a side dish instead of rice. Quinoa is also indicated but we shall talk about this when we shall have a recipe using Quinoa.....

Trout With Flaked Almonds.

Fresh Trout Not Very Visible. OK I said enough,  it is time, at least on a Sunday, to eat something normal. We had a trout in our deep freeze and I hadn't the foggiest idea how to coo it. I have never eaten fresh trout. So I opened the "Petit Larousse De La Cuisine" given to me for Christmas by a very good friend in 2009. Under "trout" I made the first recipe this book had. ( This book has 1800 recipes). The recipe calls for butter, and I did use butter!! This morning my sugar level went from 100 yesterday to 125!! but it was delicious. Trout flesh is delicious. I had it only smoked in the past which I love....