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Kiddie Sweet...The Little Ones Will Love It

S ometimes the sugar level in your blood is low and you need to raze it. Or, you are having children over to play with your kids so you want to make something real quick and easy...

Recession!!...Emergency Actions....

D uring a recession we should be glad to have certain things such as  flour, breadcrumbs, eggs, pasta, rice, some meat, pulses when flour, breadcrumbs and eggs are used to coat chicken drumsticks for example, whatever flour, beaten egg and bread crumbs are left behind, are not thrown away but used to make something edible and somewhat nice.  What I am really trying to say is that we should always be truly thankful to God Who gives us our daily bread.

Special Garlic/Rosemary Breaded/Baked Chicken Drumstick...My Concoction!!

U nfortunately nobody has invented chickens with 4 legs. Everybody likes to eat the drumstick off the chicken and unfortunately there are only two. So we bought two already nicely packed trays of  five chicken drumsticks each  from the supermarket we trust and kept them for Sunday when we usually have a special lunch whether we have guests or not.....