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Home Made " Gluten " Free Bread.

O f course you know that there is no such thing as gluten free unless it is made in a 100% gluten free environment. This means that the whole kitchen, work surface, knives and utensils used must be spotlessly clean from any product with gluten in it. Do you know how I came about getting to know this info?? The other day I was watching a TV commercial about Gluten Free Ham!! Gees I said how can you have Gluten free ham?? So I searched and asked and here is what I came up with. Gluten is very transmissible. It will contaminate anything coming in touch with it. Therefore people who have serious problems with Celiac disease must be careful......

Sesame Coated Turkey Nuggets...Finger Food For Parties

I Admit To Over Roasting The Sesame R oasted s esame covered turkey nuggets are perfect for finger food during a cocktail party where there isn't an actual meal. Furthermore I love roasted sesame. I love the taste it gives to freshly baked bread, bread rings (koulouria) 5-10 inch thin bread rings being sold in the streets of Athens and Manhattan in New York by Greeks.  Sesame is also very much used in Chinese and Indian cuisine...

Stuffed Mammoth Zucchini Vegan Style

Found two beautifully huge zucchoni in the market and bought them not knowing what exactly to do with them. I knew though that I would cut them in half lengthwise, take out the inside, fill them with something, cover them with something else, and bake them.....

Lasagna Fritters...Great with Homos!

The Purple Color Is Obtained By Adding Beetroot Juice. On Thursday, July 7th 2011 I shared with you my recipe for Homos, the dip. These lasagna fritters will help you dip into it. You will need:  If you use the whole box as you buy it from the supermarket you will have enough for a large party. -  500 gr of ready uncooked lasagna in a box from the supermarket. -  5 liters of water to boil. -  ¼ cup olive oil. -  1 wet clean white* kitchen towel spread on your kitchen table. -  Salt for the boiling water....

Escargot (Snails) Bourguignon---Classical

I haven't made snails bourguignon in years...why? because I could not find canned, imported or local ready to use snails. You cannot believe the work that has to be done to treat snails from scratch, in fact I don't even want to start telling you the required steps. To say the truth I have never done it.

Three Basic Ingredients For Tex-Mex And Spicy Dishes....Only For Spicy Food Lovers

Reading through Tex-Mex and Mexican recipes I feel it is my duty to inform my readers in the Eastern Hemisphere and Europe about three basic ingredients used.  Africa is excluded because it has its own ingredients typical to their spicy food.....