Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chicken Livers & Hearts With Ouzo On Leek & Carrot Rice

I guess we are trying to continue our special eating habits by putting a bit of "sex" in it. By that I mean, chicken livers/hearts with ouzo. Braise till all the alcohol is out. Leeks and carrots with rice....veggies with rice. Cheating?? maybe not. So here we go.

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Mix For Any Pasta With: Garlic-Oil-Piment de Spelette-Parsley And Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Piment de Spelette is a very "gentile - civilized - suave" kind of chili because unlike the Jalapeño or Habanero, is mild but still has that bite which even a lady can enjoy. They all have the same size, grow in the Basque area of South Western France/Spain around the area of the town of "Espelette". It can be found fresh, dried, and in powder. I personally have the dried ones very beautifully strung on a cord. In this recipe I used ¾ of one snipped very thinly with a pair of scissors.....

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Rajma (Kidney Bean) Curry--- Totally Vegetarian!

Rajma (Kidney Bean) Curry
Indian Bread

Indian Bread(somethng between Naan, Chapati, Roti etc...)
Indian food is easy if and an only if you have the required ingredients. Ok you can have a ready mix of curry powder bought from any super market but it is not the same as to make your own from scratch if you have the ingredients. By changing the quantities between each other you can go from a curry to tikka etc.
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