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Spelt vs. Emmer flour/wheat.

I would like to point out that a mistake has been made in referring to Emmer as Spelt. Any previous mention of spelt bread, spaghetti, pasta please change to Emmer which is Farro in Italian and Zeas in Greek where there again the word Zeas in Greek has been a registered name by one Greek Producer. Emmer and Spelt are not suitable for coelliac disease i.e. people who are allergic to gluten but these products do have a low glycemic index. I apologize for this mix up. Best regards Stelio

Stove Top Grilled Skinless Chicken With Herbes De Provence

T he second lightest and healthiest chicken (boiled is the first) is plainly grilled on a stove top grill at lowest heat for one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes depending on the size of the chicken is the other. It should however be cut in all its pieces. Upper thigh, drumstick, wing, etc......

Spelt Spaghetti With Freshly Roasted Sardines And Persillade

A Persillade is a mixture of parsley, garlic, olive oil, herbs and vinegar all blended together to make a smooth paste. My persillade is just parsley, garlic, and oil blended together to give a smooth paste and added to any food especially to fish needing the freshness of parsley and garlic. You could add hot chili peppers if you wish to make things more interesting....

Spelt Penne With Mushrooms And Rosemary

Spelt is the English word for Farro in Italian and Zeas in Greek. It is one of the oldest staples in Europe ever since the Bronze Age. Now, because many people suffer from diabetes and are susceptible to gluten in plain wheat flour, flours such as Spelt, Buckwheat, Rye and many other are coming into "fashion" and are being used to make bread, pasta and other products where wheat is being used. These flours have a low glycemic index (an article really worthwhile reading) without causing sudden increases of the blood sugar in the body. But, most breads made with such flours are compact even though baking soda, baking powder and natural fresh or dry yeasts are used. The main reason wheat flour is used is the existence of gluten which causes the bread dough to rise.  Take for example the Spelt bread I made a couple of posts ago, not only when sliced, it is compact, and tastes delicious, it can be sliced very very thin to accommodate a nice slice of smoked salmon ......