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Soda Bread....The Great Invention!!

The recipe I am about to propose is very well known in the English speaking parts of the world where St. Patrick's Day, March 17th, is celebrated.  It may however, not be so well known in other parts of the universe. Checking my readers' statistics I see that China and the Ukraine come second and third (the U.S. are always the first and I sure thank ya'll!!) Irish Soda Bread is fantastic and a quick way to make bread especially when the supermarket you usually go to, is the only one in the area where you live, does not have any fresh yeast. You would say:" buy dry yeast or ready made bread", well I am against it. I prefer home made bread and I don't know how to use dry yeast! This recipe is definitely not my own. I have read around the Internet and obtained a very good recipe which was a success immediately on St. Pat's day of this year. It may have been beginner's luck, I don't know. But I will bake it today because our supermarket stil

The Pyromid Fordable And Portable Barbecue

The Pyromid folding and transportable barbecue can be stashed under the driver's seat going to...