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Smoked Salmon Tartlets With Red And Black Caviar Topping.

T his is a most elegant, and delicious appetizer for all kinds of buffets. All you need to do is prepare the tartlets a few days earlier, freeze them, then use them in whatever way you want: savory or sweet. These particular ones were savory where whole cumin seeds were used to adorn the tartlet and taste the cumin while biting into it......

Custard Filled Tartlets Topped With Gooseberries And Strawberries.

I t is very handy to make tartlets to use either for savory or for sweet purposes. The difference is that you may have to add some sugar in the sweet tartlets. A Recipe for tarts and tartlets which always works is as follows: Makes 25 tartlets. -  250 gr all purpose flour. -  110 gr cold butter cut in pieces or "NeoVitam soft" for our Greek friends. -  76 cc. cold water. -  ½ tsp. sugar. Method for the tartlets: -  Heat oven to 200 degrees C. -         -   Add flour, sugar, and butter in a big bowl. -         -  Cut butter into flour until all is grainy       -  Add cold water and mix by hand till a smooth dough is obtained. -         -  Wrap in a plastic film and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. -         -  When time is up, flour your working surface and flatten your dough into a circle.       - Use a 7.5 cm cutter to cut circles. -         -  Put each circle in place in muffin mold and using your fingers to cover the base a

Braised Country Sausage Appetizer....Goes Nicely With Ouzo

C ountry sausage can be cooked in different ways. I used leek flavored Greek country sausage sliced at an angle. You will need: Serves 10-15 -  8 x 30  cm long country sausage. -  2 shots ouzo -  1 Tbsp. olive oil. -  2 stars anise -  2 cups any tomato based sauce you have in your deep freeze. If not made a new hot and spicy tomato sauce. Method: -  Heat the olive oil. -  Add the sliced sausage and saute on high heat for about a minute. -  When sausage takes a nice color, add ouzo and star anise. -  Flambe the whole lot. -  When flame dies out, add tomato sauce and simmer for about 30 minutes then turn off heat. -  Serve with slices of bread to dunk. Enjoy! Stelio

Cannelloni With Spinach, Cottage Cheese and Walnuts

This recipe for Cannelloni will be my version of it as opposed to the one written on the box itself and I would like to share it with you....