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Grilled Sardines and Prawns For A Light Lunch In Summer

Summer is coming to an end. September however is the best time of the year when the sea is still warm, kids are back in school and don't bother you on the beach,and the weather is fantastic. The best food you can eat in a fish tavern by the sea while sipping ouzo would be prawns and sardines. You get all the aphrodisiac advantage of the prawns and  the omega 3 from the sardines to keep your heart pumping good while enjoying the many beautiful moments of life.... To cook the prawns and the sardines at home all you need of course are the shrimp, the sardines and a grill to set on your gas stove top or on your bbq. 24 medium large prawns. 24 large sardines. Finely chopped parsley. A few lemon wedges. Some olive oil. Method: Clean prawns from the sand in their spinal cord by cutting using a pair of scissors the shell from the base of the prawn head till you reach the tail. Clean the black stuff and wash well. Clean the sardines as already mentioned in my how to

Eggplant Salad...Very Greek

Eggplant season is during summer in Greece and therefore tasty and inexpensive. Yes we can buy eggplant all year long but the quality and taste is not the same. Greeks use eggplant in many recipes... one of the most known is the famous Moussaka, internationally known. When handling eggplant it is important to work quickly to prevent oxidation . This is caused by the iron. Eggplant is very rich in iron and therefore very healthy. A very common salad in Greek restaurants is the Eggplant Salad...