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Time For Upside Down Quince Pie....This Is October!

Hello everybody!! The best of everything to you all for this new day. Just woke up and feel bright eyed and bushy tailed, prepared my coffee a "Starbucks" coffee mug 2 tsp. instant coffee, 2 tsp. Coffee Mate (powdered milk), no sugar. It is clear outside but cold 8 degrees C.
Oh by the way did I tell you my Barbara began her own blog as well? The address is She paints, makes her own jewelery and explains how colors in general have helped her inner self evolve. Take a shoufty (look in Arablish) if you wish. 
I have noticed from the statistics of my blog (and thank you Blogger for your help) that the Quince Marmalade recipe of June 8th 2011 is one of the 5 all time favorites since I began on December 16th 2010.  The scope of my post this morning is to remind you all out there, whom I wish I could meet each and everyone of you, that the season for Quince is here and there are so many delicious desserts and savory stuff you could …

Fried Skin On Salmon Filets...Crunchy And Delicious

Whatever the origin of the Salmon you are using, on condition it is filet and not steak, you can enjoy it by just frying it for a few minutes skin down in butter in a skillet on medium heat....

Tappas 3....An Iberian Adventure

Today I would like to share with you some information regarding European Hams. France, Italy, Spain and Portugal have some kind of raw ham. By ham I mean the hind or front leg of a pig, dry or wet cured under controlled conditions for a number of months until it is fit to be consumed. When the time comes, it is very thinly sliced to the point of being nearly translucent then served as a meze, appetizer, used in sandwiches, salads or sometimes to coat certain roasts.  This little journey will begin from Portugal, where the Presunto do Chaves comes from and the most well known in Portugal then we will continue to France, Italy and finally to Spain with a richer variety. To be honest I only heard of the Presunto during this little research. Well it's never too late...

Cleanse Your System Before The Holidays... So You Can Freely Enjoy!

 I believe that right about now would be great if you would cleanse you system with a few days of eating nothing but unlimited quantities of a vegetable soup the recipe of which I have already shared with you on March 29th 2011.  Therefore today's recipe is a repetition. The only difference is that back then you may not have been ready to cleanse your system while now with the advent of the holiday season it may be a good idea to do it so that, when the time comes, you can eat with no remorse...

Salmon Cream Tartlettes... Nothing Goes To Waste

Dear friends a few days ago we had baked filet of salmon on a bed of leeks. The filet was taken from a frozen, headless, wild Pacific pink salmon. Being left with the backbone, the tail, the fins, and lots of debris,  I boiled them all together to obtain the stock and the fish meat left on the backbone etc. which I froze in -18 degrees Celsius. Curiously enough, the day I wanted to use it,  I got about three hundred grams of fish meat out of this operation, and about 300 ml of fish stock...Nothing should go to waste in the kitchen. A tartlettes filling was prepared out of nothing. I had 12 tartlettes shells in my deep freeze from 3 weeks ago and so I was all set to make an appetizer.

Pacific Wild Pink Salmon...A Whole New Experience.

The other day Maria and I were shopping at our neighborhood supermarket, passed by the frozen fish section and my eye caught a 20 inch (50 cm) long headless fish which looked like salmon...

Bedouin Tea...Black And Sweet

Agami lies 200 kilometers North of Cairo, Egypt west of and close to Alexandria. Famous El Alamein lies 106 kilometers west of Agami on the coast of coastal Egypt in North Africa where Field Marshal Montgomery head of the Allied Forces defeated The Desert Fox Rommel of The Axis in World War II, the beginning of the end for Germany and Italy, its ally.