Fried Skin On Salmon Filets...Crunchy And Delicious

Once The Skin Looks Crunchy, And Cooked From The Bottom Down
Whatever the origin of the Salmon you are using, on condition it is filet and not steak, you can enjoy it by just frying it for a few minutes skin down in butter in a skillet on medium heat....

You will need:
Serves 3
-  3 Salmon filets skin on.
-  50 gr of good quality fresh butter.
-  Salt, and freshly ground pepper.
-  A few slices of chili, or Jalapeño flakes (optional).
-  1 Tbsp. olive oil.
-  Juice of one lemon.
-  Use a big skillet to melt butter in.
-  Add little olive oil so the butter does not burn.
-  When hot enought but not smoking add the filets of salmon skin down.
-  Fry on medium heat checking bottom skin side frequently.
-  Meanwhile you will see that the salmon will start cooking from the bottom going upwards.
-  When you see that the skin is crunchy enough, overturn the filets skin side up.
-  Fry for a about 45 seconds max (depending how thick your filet is).
-  Don't over-cook.
Serve with steamed baby potatoes, finely chopped parsley and a few drops of lemon juice on the salmon.


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