Time For Upside Down Quince Pie....This Is October!

Inverted Quince Pie -  Using The Tarte Tatin Method.
Hello everybody!! The best of everything to you all for this new day. Just woke up and feel bright eyed and bushy tailed, prepared my coffee a "Starbucks" coffee mug 2 tsp. instant coffee, 2 tsp. Coffee Mate (powdered milk), no sugar. It is clear outside but cold 8 degrees C.

Oh by the way did I tell you my Barbara began her own blog as well? The address is http://www.little-miss-cupcakes-art-creations.com. She paints, makes her own jewelery and explains how colors in general have helped her inner self evolve. Take a shoufty (look in Arablish) if you wish. 

I have noticed from the statistics of my blog (and thank you Blogger for your help) that the Quince Marmalade recipe of June 8th 2011 is one of the 5 all time favorites since I began on December 16th 2010.  The scope of my post this morning is to remind you all out there, whom I wish I could meet each and everyone of you, that the season for Quince is here and there are so many delicious desserts and savory stuff you could make with it by considering them like apples or pears. The only difference is that quince has to be cooked first...
The Tarte Tatin is coming to my mind instead of using apples we can use quince. The advantage of quince is that it has a higher resistance to heat than apples or pears.  Please allow me to make a Quince Tarte Tatin even if it is the first time for me...I will be using my cooking experience and you are welcome to comment.....never mind if it fails...that's why I am blogging. I love new experiences.
You will need:
Serves 8
- 1.7 kg (about 4 pieces) quince peeled, cut in two, centers carved out, each half cut into three equal parts just like the apples for the conventional Tarte Tatin.

Every Cut Quince Is Preserved In Water With Lemon Until Used

- 1 round piece ready made puff pastry from your local store. It does not need to be short crust if you do not find it. In fact it turned out better with puff pastry.
- 170 gms of caster sugar
- 3 Tbsp. tap water.
-  50 gms butter.
-  An oven, stick proof skillet with metal handle and 30 cm in diameter.
-  A shot or two of Maraschino "Luxardo" liqueur.
-  The idea here is to cook the quince before we caramelize / bake it because it may not have time to cook during the 40 minutes of baking.
-  In a separate pot par-boil the quince till they are medium soft. Strain.
-  Meanwhile add 3 Tbsp. water and sugar in the oven / stick proof skillet on slow heat to caramelize the sugar. Do not stir. The sugar will dissolve.
- When you see the color starting to deepen (depending upon your caramel color preference) add a Tbsp. water to stop the caramelization process.
-  Add the butter and let it melt.
-  All this is done while on soft heat.
-  At this point we arrange the already parboiled quince wedges in the skillet.
-  Add the Liqueur.
-  Place the piece of puff pastry and tuck the rim as far in the edge of the quince as possible.
-  Make a few holes on the pastry with a fork to let our the steam while baking.
-  Bake for 40 minutes (not more) in a 200 degrees C oven.

-  When time is up, take out from oven and let both handle and skillet cool completely.
-  Place your serving platter over the skillet. The cooked pastry will be looking towards you.

-  Taking good care that the skillet and handle are cool enough to handle, using two oven mittens (to be on the safe side) with a quick movement invert the skillet over the kitchen sink away from your body,  just in case juices run out, onto your serving platter.
-  Remove the skillet, and surprise!! The quince will be looking towards you now.

Serve warm with liquid fresh cream, whipped cream, or vanilla ice cream.
We definitely enjoyed it. Hope you do too.


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