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My Failed "Show Me The Money" Cake....Failed Due To The Recession

T hanks to Ellie and her Vintage Victuals blog I was inspired and curious to reproduce her recipe. I was curious about the ingredients "cup of water" and the "½ tsp" of cinnamon mixed in a cocoa cake. I never had cocoa cake with cinnamon before, it is delicious.  As I said I am not a dessert making guy and wanted to surprise Maria (the expert) and thank Ellie for this beautiful idea.

Baked Scalloped Potatoes...Pommes Dauphinoise

As You Can See I like Pepper...Only This Is Green Pepper. Baked Scalloped Potatoes go very well with grilled meats as well as the sautée scalloped potatoes. Only the baked type is slightly richer in ingredients.

Saute Scalloped Potatoes...Something Tasty

S calloped Saute Potatoes are very tasty especially when you can have some grated Swiss cheese (Gruyère or Emmental) mixed in.

Chicken In Green Masala Sauce......Indian And Definitely Exquisite

T oday's recipe is from India inspired by Mridula Baljekar's "Curry Lover's Cookbook". This edition is published by Southwater. Southwater is an imprint of Anness Publishing Ltd 2003, Hermes House 88-89 Blackfriars Road, London SEI 8HA. Quoting Ms. Mridula Baljekar The use of green spice mixes is popular all over India. Although in southern India the mixes are generally used to cook vegetables and fish, in the north, where most people are meat-eaters, they are often used to prepare meat and poultry dishes.

Homos......Everybody knows Homos

Homos You will need:

The Indian / Pakistani Version Of Pasta E Fagioli......Different

C hickpeas and pasta cooked the Indian / Pakistani way is delicious especially for some of you who like the taste of mild curry, garam masala, yogurt, coriander, mango powder, cumin, and fresh ginger. Here is how I made this personal concoction because I just love these tastes.

Home Made Frozen Fig Flavored Yogurt.....Exactly What We need For The Heat

Made and photographed by Maria T his fantastic ice cream which does not contain 15 egg yolks, cream, and what not is out of this world.Maria was able to produce frozen yogurt, which is very common around the healthier people around the world, and without an ice cream maker.

Vol-Au-Vent....Cuisine Of The Eightees.

A s a reminder of the cuisine of the eightees, you can use the well thickened mushroom sauce to fill  Vol-Au-Vent freshly made with puff pastry.

Grilled Pork Chops With Blueberries And Cubed Sautée Potatoes

A good idea for your today's dinner would be pork chops with a blueberry sauce and cubed potatoes which can be made very easily provided you have the little thingy....

Sauce Mornay

For the sauce Mornay:

Sauce Brune.....Brown Sauce

Sauce Brune: Brown Sauce.

Sauce Au Poivre Vert...Green Pepper Sauce

Sauce Au Poivre Vert: Green Pepper Sauce.

Sauce Au Curry.....Curry Sauce

Sauce au Curry: Curry Sauce.

Sauce Moutarde....Mustard Sauce

Sauce Moutarde: Mustard Sauce: - ½ liter of fresh cream 35%. - 5-8 Tblsp. Dijon Mustard (the one with the mustard grains) called A L'Anciènne.

Sauce Basilique....Not To Be Mistaken For Pesto

Sauce Basilique: Not to be mistaken for the pesto.

Sauce Piperade

Sauce Piperade: A sauce typical of the Basque area far-most southwest of France on the border with Spain below the Atlantic Pyrenees.

Okra In Tomato Sauce ....Middle Eastern Way

To make this interesting vegetable the Middle Eastern way you will need:

How To Clean Small Fish Such As Sardines And Family.

A Sardine Courtesy of Wikipedia On Google A Big School Of Sardines Courtesy Of Wikipedia On Google S mall fish such as sardines and the like that are either baked or fried have to be cleaned but not the same way as the big ones.

How To Clean A Big Fish

I f you do not have anyone to clean your big fish for you then you will have to clean it yourself.  The more things you know the better and and the more independent you will be.