Sauce Au Poivre Vert...Green Pepper Sauce

Sauce Au Poivre Vert: Green Pepper Sauce.
- ¼ liter of dry white wine reduced to ½ in a saucepan over low heat uncovered.
- ½ liter of fond de cuisine (basic beef stock). Reduced over low heat for 15 minutes, uncovered.
- 2 Tbsp. green peppers in 2 cups of water boiled and reduced to ½.
- Add green peppers and its remaining water to the wine and the fond (basic beef stock).
- Reduce for 15 minutes over low heat uncovered or until thick.
- If it does not thicken, then add 1 tsp. corn starch dissorlved in some water, and stir till the sauce thickens.
Tip: Goes very well with sirloin steak.


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