How To Clean A Big Fish

If you do not have anyone to clean your big fish for you then you will have to clean it yourself.  The more things you know the better and and the more independent you will be.

This Fish Weighs About 2.7 kgs.
Photo Courtesy Of Google

Step 1: 

Cut off as best as you can with a pair of kitchen scissors, chicken scissors or even garden scissors, all the fins you see above and as shown below.

Step 2:

While you are wearing washing or kitchen gloves, pull out the gills. Be careful because they are prickly. Wash the cavity well.
Step 3:
Cut off the tail.
Step 4:

With a sharp knife cut open the stomach and pull out whatever there is in there. If you like fish row, be careful not to throw it away.  It is very obvious since it has a much cleaner and lighter color than everything else.  Wash the cavity well.

Step 5: 
Once you have taken out all of the above, and you intend to grill your fish on the grill with live charcoal, then do not  scrape off the scales. The scales prevent the skin of the fish from sticking to the grill thus ruining the fish. The only thing left to do is when the fish is at the table, is to take off the skin with the scales which comes off very easily leaving behind a beautifully white flesh.

If on the other hand you plan to bake, or cook it other than grilled, then you have to scrape off the scales. 
Fill your kitchen sink with water and scrape your fish under water otherwise you will end up with scales all over the place.
Thanks for your attention, and hope this was useful.


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