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Flat Green Beans In Tomato Sauce.....A Different Way

Flat green beans have more flesh on them than the thin string ones...made with a light tomato sauce, with garlic only (no onion, no chili, no dry coriander), can make an everyday meal nutritive and delicious.

Linda’s New York Cheesecake....Made by Barbara Mamatis And Nicos Nicolaïdes...Dessert # 3

Cheese cake recipes... there are many. Haven't tasted two equal.  I simply adore them all just like Winnie The Pooh loves honey.  This one is different.... I don't know how different because I never made one. Barbara and her friend Nicos made it in our kitchen.

Prune Stuffed Pork Tenderloin On Polenta Pancakes With Button Mushrooms And Cream Sauce

As we all know sweet dried fruit goes well with pork. The best and tenderest part of a pig is the tenderloin or known as  "filet" in this part of the world.  When Specially treated can produce a very nice dish.

Gnocchi Al Gorgonzola.....The Second Course

There are two types of Gnocchi. Those made with potato and flour, and those with semolina. Those made with semolina were originally made in the Northern Part of Italy, but then they became a specialty of Rome. They were then called Gnocchi Alla Romana.  Therefore whenever we talk of Gnocchi we have to specify which type: di Patate or Alla Romana.

Puff Pastry Cups With Camembert And Prosciutto Grissini....First Course

Now that your curiosity has been tickled I have the pleasure to share with you the first course to Barbara's dinner party. It was composed of two items. the first was Parma Ham rolled on Bread Sticks with sesame seed.  The second part  was a little more complicated in the sense that you have to use one sheet of puff pastry and do things with it.

Barbara's Dinner Party....The Menu


Wow !! I've been away a long time...seems like ages!! I missed you guys. Well dinner was an absolute success, Sous-Plats and all!! lots of back rubbing in our small kitchen, fun, drinks and music while cooking (loud speaker in the kitchen from the main stereo in the living room), heat! but then they say "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".
In this episode of my blog I will just mention the 4 course menu planned; and this is to tickle your appetite for what's to come.