Prune Stuffed Pork Tenderloin On Polenta Pancakes With Button Mushrooms And Cream Sauce

As we all know sweet dried fruit goes well with pork. The best and tenderest part of a pig is the tenderloin or known as  "filet" in this part of the world. 
When Specially treated can produce a very nice dish.
You will need:
Serves 12 pieces.
-  2.4 kg of Pork Tenderloin at 200 gms per person cut to weight, slit with a sharp knife from one side but not all the way, opened and flattened with a special heavy meat flattener.
-  500 gms of prunes marinated overnight in 500 ml of red wine.
-  Thyme, salt and pepper.
-  2 to 3 cloves of garlic crushed, and finely chopped.
-  1 small onion finely chopped.
-  750 gms of button mushrooms with juice.
-  250 ml of fresh cream.
-  500 ml of red wine.
-  1 cup of thawed very fine sweet peas mixed together with 1 cup drained sweet corn .
-  Toothpicks to fasten the stuffed rolls of meat.
For the Polenta Pan Cakes.
-  Boil 1 liter of any stock you have and add 2 tsp. of tumeric in it. Stir.
-  Start adding the Fine Polenta slowly while stiring with a wooden spoon.
-  Keep adding the polenta little at a time and keep stiring till the mixture becomes thick.
-  Stop adding, and keep on stiring till your arm comes off!! and till you can see the polenta coming off the walls of the saucepan. Keep stirring till completely smooth not balled.
-  While it is still hot overturn onto your working table and flatten .
-  Let cool.

Making The Polenta.
Polenta Pancakes To Serve The
Meat On.

-  When cool, take a large enough pastry cutter and cut a round pancake  to fit three slices meat standing up leaning against each other.
-  Cut 12 of these pancakes and place in an oven proof  plate.

The Whole Pork Tenderloin
Tenderloin Cut in Segments

Placing Wine Marinated Prunes In Center.
Flattening Opened Segment.

Rolling The Prunes.


Browning On All Sides

Sliced Meat With Prune In Center.
Doctoring Sauce.

Button Mushrooms Halved With Mint Rub.
-  Season the flat pieces of tenderloin with salt and pepper and place two to three prunes in a straight line in the center.
-  Roll meat and fasten with tooth picks.
-   Make 12 rolls containing the prunes.
-  In two deep saucepans with cover, on high heat sauté the garlic, the onion,  the meat rolls with fresh butter and some olive oil to avoid burning of the butter, till the meat has taken a nice brown color all around. Flambé both saucepans with Whiskey.
-  Wait till the Firemen leave, devide the wine between the two saucepans, add the thyme, and the button mushrooms, bring to a boil, lower heat and simmer for 50 minutes. Don't forget to baste the meat with sauce while cooking.
-  Take the meat out of the sauce and put in an oven proof dish. Take the  mushrooms out of the sauce as well and put them separately in a the same saucepan they were cooking in . Leaving the sauce behind.
-  Put the meat rolls and the mushrooms in a warm place covered with aluminum foil.
-  Now you may want to doctor your sauce. I put a Tbsp. of Bisto, to thicken the sauce by letting it simmer a few more minutes. then add 250 ml of cream, and freshly ground green pepper.
-  About 15 minutes before it is time to serve, slice the meat as in photos.
-  Place the mushrooms in the same saucepan they were cooking. Rub some dry mint on the mushrooms. Set aside to heat when time comes.
-  The sweet corn and peas are left the way they are. Nature.
-  When it is time to serve
-  Heat everything. Put 2 to 3 slices of meat on each polenta pancake and slip onto serving place, place some button mushrooms on the side, some sweet corn and peas on the other side, Then pour some of the sauce over the meat.
Et Voila!!


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