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Sweet Red Pepper Sauce With Piment D'Espelette... A Multi Functional Sauce.

Sweet Red Pepper Sauce With Piment d'Espelette I t is always handy to have a ready sauce which can be used hot or cold especially when it is made with olive oil....

Garbanzo Bean Soup...Easy, Healthy, Delicious and Most Of All Inexpensive.

Y ep, now-a-days, we have to be careful of what we eat, and how much we spend. Garbanzo beans also known as Chickpeas are a good choice for a simple everyday meal. The idea here is to use them whole into a soup....

BBQ Thursday .... Last Week To Eat Meat For Lent

E aster in 2014 will be celebrated, according to this year's calendar, by both the Greek Orthodox Church and the rest of the Christian world....

Home Made Tagliatelle Emiliani.

T agliatelle Emiliani are a specialty of the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Courtesy of Google As you can see from the map this region includes the well know cities of Parma (Parmesan cheese), Modena for the manufacture of the super cars, and Balsamic Vinegar,  Bologna for its famous Bolognese sauce and women with special skills.... It is said that the bolognese sauce,(  Ragù alla Bolognese in Italy , meat sauce in the States) was registered by the Culinary Institute of Bologna with the Bologna Chamber of Commerce in 1982 where it is mentioned that the sauce is made of a mixture of ground beef, ground pork, and salted pork belly (pancetta tesa) and most important the addition of milk and or fresh cream at the end. In general, the region of Emilia-Romanga is known for excellent food. That is where I gained my first excess weight back in 1971 working on the drilling rigs. Emilia is also know for its special tagliatelli Emiliani which are also made of flour and eggs but are