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Saffran Fish Soup.........Very elegant And Exotic!

F ish soup as an entrée is very delicate, refined and delicious even for those among you who do not like fish.  Fish is made from the head of the fish but not just any fish. It should be the head of a good quality fish. Fishmongers usually have heads of fish which have not been sold with the rest of the body.  They are sold much cheaper than the actual fish itself and if it is a big head, you can get at least 500 gms of pure flesh out if it.

Fried Codfish With Garlic Sauce

T oday is a bank holiday in Greece for two reasons.  March 25th marks the day Greece began its revolution for independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1821. More important, today is the day Angel Gabriel announced the happy news to the Virgin Mary, that she is going to have a baby 9 months from today (December 25th). Batter fried Codfish with a garlic sauce is being served for lunch today in most Greek homes. Angel Gabriel Telling Mariam She Will Bare The Child Jesus Courtesy of Greek Wikipedia From Google.

Fresh Salmon Filet In Lemon Butter Sauce.....Very Good!!

T oday I shall be sharing with you fresh salmon sauté in butter lemon sauce a pretty much straight forward recipe. It is easy, quick, healthy due to the ( Omega 3 fatty acid ), filling, very tasty, and refined

Choucroute Alsacienne.......Cold Weather Food.

  I Have Taken This Picture Most Delicious Picture.  My Mouth Is Watering  I t may be Spring but the weather is still cold, and you need to eat something which will warm you up.  I would like to share with you today "La Chouroute Alsacienne" prepared my way. First I would like to share with you some background information. Alsace is one of the  26 regions of France. It is on the border with Germany, on the river Rhine. Wines, specially the white such as the Riesling from that region are very good.  Of course, since it is  neighbouring Germany, it is spcialized in all kinds of salami, and sausages. They also like pickled cabbage known as Choucroute or Sauerkraut.

Baby Cuttlefish Souvlaki.........Something Fishy?

No. 1   Baby Cuttlefish    No. 2  Braising The Cuttlefish With White Wine   No. 3  Ready To Pass Through The Skewers    No. 4  Cuttlefish On A Stove Top Grill   

Wild Scottish Smoked Salmon On Rye...... Happy Spring 2011 !!

Ciclamin Roses       Habanero Peppers A View Of My Veranda   Basil   Hey friends and family ......  wish you all a happy spring.  Today is the first day !! Yey!! Time to get out on your verandas, or gardens, fertilize all your plants, clean the weeds out, uncover your BBQ pits, load up on charcoal, and get ready to entertain !! Winterization is over.

Fava Bean Soup.....Something Light For A Change!!

Fava bean soup is very good for the health. When served hot it warms you up specially during cold, windy early Spring days. We tend sometime to eat rich foods with too many calories and therefore it is good to eat lean for a change. I would like to share with you today the fava bean soup. Many restaurants here in Athens, offer fava as a solid mass you can cut with a knife, delicious mind you, but cannot be eaten as a meal by itself. It is usually presented with other "meze" .