Fresh Salmon Filet In Lemon Butter Sauce.....Very Good!!

Today I shall be sharing with you fresh salmon sauté in butter lemon sauce a pretty much straight forward recipe. It is easy, quick, healthy due to the (Omega 3 fatty acid), filling, very tasty, and refined
Because fresh salmon is a very fatty fish and the taste is so filling, I prefer to use a lot of lemon juice to cut this rich fatty flavor.You will need: 
- Serves 4
-  1 kg filet of fresh salmon filet, skin off, cut in to four equal pieces.
-  70 gms of good fresh butter.
-  1 clove garlic crushed and passed through the garlic press.
-  2 branches of fresh rosemary, washed, run your thumb and forefinger up the opposite direction of the leaves to drop drop them
-  Juice of 2 lemons.
-  Some olive oil. 
-  Freshly ground pepper.
-  In skillet melt butter with some oil (so that butter does not burn) on medium fire and  place the four salmon pieces. Sautée and cover. Reduce heat to minimum.
-  Five minutes later, add freshly ground pepper, the rosemary,  the garlic, and the lemon. Cover and continue cooking at minimum heat.
-  Five minutes later depending on the thickness of the filet,  flip the salmon pieces,  spoon some juice over the fish, cover and continue cooking.
-  Five minutes later, flip the pieces back to their original side, check for doneness by slipping a thin silicone spatula in the thickest part of the fish.
-  Serve, and add some parsley for decoration and baby vapored potatoes on the side.
P.S. Taste the butter / lemon balance of the resulting sauce, and regulate as needed.
Ready, and Bon Appétit,


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