Wild Scottish Smoked Salmon On Rye...... Happy Spring 2011 !!


Habanero Peppers

A View Of My Veranda

 Hey friends and family ......  wish you all a happy spring.  Today is the first day!! Yey!!

Time to get out on your verandas, or gardens, fertilize all your plants, clean the weeds out, uncover your BBQ pits, load up on charcoal, and get ready to entertain !! Winterization is over.

The full Moon is now placed at the closest distance to Earth. The glow is so strong that I would like to share with you a nice snack to enjoy the moon and listen to beautiful music

You will need:
Serves 2
-  200 gms of  Wild Scottish Smoked Sa lmon.
-  2 scalions chopped very fine.
-  A pepper mill.
-  4 slices of rye bread cut in half.
-  Good fresh butter.
-  Lemon halves.
-  Dill finely chopped.
-  Champagne chilled.
-  Spread butter on each half of the bread.
-  Place a slice or two of smoked salmon on the bread.
-  Sprinkle some onion and dill on the salmon.
-  Press some lemon.
-  One / two rounds of the pepper mill.
- Repeat with rest of the bread halves.
-  Pop open the champagne and serve.
P.S. It's freezing outside!!


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