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Fava Bean Mold.....A Very Greek "Meze" ....Hors D'oeuvre

On Monday, March 21rst 2011, I shared with you the Fava Bean Soup recipe where I mentioned that this soup could be made into a "meze" meaning in Greek hors d'oeuvre.  Once fava beans are boiled to the soup consistency, you take it one step further by letting more liquid evaporate leaving the fava beans "nearly" dry  but NOT COMPLETELY DRY.  You would want to keep just enough fluid in there so when you purée it with the vertical  hand mixer, the outcome would be a thick, yet slightly fluid, purée.

My Buns!!....Offer Home Made Rolls To Your Guests

You have already enjoyed one recipe on how to make Focaccia on my April 14th 2011 recipe. Well this recipe is exactly the same except at the moment when you finished kneading the dough and it has wrapped itself around the mixer’s hook, you untangle the dough, make into a ball, put it back in the bowl and stick it in the microwave, lock the door,  and forget it for 1 ½ hours.

Hot Chilies On Cheese And Eggs….For A Hearty Breakfast

It’s funny but sometimes and I know for sure, you wake up in the morning with an appetite for a hearty breakfast.  Eggs, bacon, cheese, pancakes, the whole works!!

Wine Marinated Pork Roast.......Not Bad.

The other day my butcher played a bad trick on me by not supplying me with the piece of lamb I needed. So I ended up buying a slice off his leg. Ahmmmm. sorry a slice off a leg of pork he had weighing about 2.3 kg. with a tiny bone inside (I was lucky).

I found half a bottle of red wine in the fridge, so I poured it all on the meat, put some fresh sage, bay leaves, salt and pepper, about a table spoon of mustard powder and a bunch of cloves in holes all around the meat and roasted it for a couple ot hours at 180 degrees C.

Stuffed Pimientos With Mussels On Puff Pastry....Lovey Entrée

Sometimes we have to let our imagination run away with us. By watching works of art one can develop his own ideas of syntheses. Puff pastry is not only used in pies and other every day dishes.

Greek Style Baked Potatoes.....Delicious!!

Greek Style Baked Potatoes as you will see are actually delicious and extremely Greek! 
Cut yourself 2 kg of potatoes just like in the picture, add salt, pepper, and two table spoons of oregano, rub them well and fill the oven proof dish with olive oil ( the oil should cover the potatoes).
Put at a max heat oven for 1 1/2 hours and you will get something out of this world.
Check the pictures below.

And you will get the most juicy, crunchy potatoes ever which go very well with roast lamb!!


Bread Pudding.....Using Up Old Bread

By Maria:

As bread is holy, it would be a sin to throw it away when it is stale and old so we have to either buy what we can actually eat in order to renew every day, or if there is a forgotten piece we ought to think of something to do with it.  we can either put it in the oven and dehydrate it completely, or cut it in cubes and use it in a sweet. My mom gave me the following recipe:

Sauce No.19 For Pasta..... Spaghetti Alla Turiddu

This typically Sicilian sauce for spaghetti has taken its name after the person who first made it. Sicily is very much like Greece. The Island of Sicily is now part of Italy countrywise but the rest of Italy still considers Sicily as part of Africa.  During The Greek Period  (8th Century B.C.) Sicily belonged to Greece. It is therefore not strange that the culture and cuisine of Sicily much resembles that of south Greece.
The use of black olives, oregano, tomato sauce, chili pepper is very common in both cuisines.
To prepare this sauce which basically goes with any kind of pasta, you will need: