Fava Bean Mold.....A Very Greek "Meze" ....Hors D'oeuvre

On Monday, March 21rst 2011, I shared with you the Fava Bean Soup recipe where I mentioned that this soup could be made into a "meze" meaning in Greek hors d'oeuvre.  Once fava beans are boiled to the soup consistency, you take it one step further by letting more liquid evaporate leaving the fava beans "nearly" dry  but NOT COMPLETELY DRY.  You would want to keep just enough fluid in there so when you purée it with the vertical  hand mixer, the outcome would be a thick, yet slightly fluid, purée.
Then you pour this purée in any mold you like, give it any shape you like, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours, and easily unmould it onto a nice platter.
The way to eat it is as follows:   it is usually served with either chopped dill or parsley, lemon, spring onion. and olive oil. Take a slice, spread it on toasted bread, add lemon juice, some dill or parsley, a piece of spring onion, grind some black pepper, pour some olive oil on top of everything  and it is delicious.
By the way this is a perfectly delicious, and healthy VEGETARIAN hors d'oeuvre.
Your will need:
For a dinner party of 12.
-  500 gms of out of the pack fave beans.
-  Omit the beef roast bouillon for vegetarian.


-  Add the cooked fava bean to the sautéed onions, simmer till fava is fully cooked.

-  Completely purée the fava then put into a mould.
-  Garnish as desired.


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