My Buns!!....Offer Home Made Rolls To Your Guests


You have already enjoyed one recipe on how to make Focaccia on my April 14th 2011 recipe. Well this recipe is exactly the same except at the moment when you finished kneading the dough and it has wrapped itself around the mixer’s hook, you untangle the dough, make into a ball, put it back in the bowl and stick it in the microwave, lock the door,  and forget it for 1 ½ hours.

I Chose To Add Roasted Sesame Seeds. You Could Add
Anything Else You Wish.

After proving time is finished, deflate the dough which should have doubled in volume knead it with your hands and fists for a couple of minutes, and stick it back in the bowl and in the microwave again for 1 hour this time.
After the second proving time is finished, cut the dough into about 100 – 120 gms per ball and insert into round mold. Fill the mold with the balls leaving a distance between each ball to give them space to prove again then put the mold back into the microwave for 45 minutes.  If there is any dough left, make three long strips and make one tress. Place it in a rectangular loaf mold and in a kitchen closet to prove again.
Meanwhile preheat oven to maximum heat.  Brush surface of buns and tress with egg and put some toasted sesame seeds on one and cumin seed with thick salt on the other whichever you want.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes.

Et voila!!

Home baked buns, fresh and hot to eat with salted butter during dinner.

These Buns Could Be Made Much Smaller If You
With Love,


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