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Octopus Sauce On Macaroni With Chopped Fresh Green Coriander

Octopus Sauce is the result of cooking octopus on its own without adding any water. We all know that sea food contains about 90 % water, so when you let an octopus cook in a pot, it spills its own liquid and ends up cooked. Since of course octopus lives in the sea, the water comes out salty so never add any salt while cooking octopus.

White Elephant Beans With Chicken Sausage

S ome friends of our went to the north west of Greece to the Prespes Lakes famed for their white elephant beans. These beans are even bigger than the giant beans you have maybe read about in my previous posts. They are perfect to half braze half bake with a tomato sauce and Italian chicken sausages. By the way these sausages are the only salty ingredient in the whole recipe. I am still aiming at a minimum Na+ (sodium) diet.

Baked Cabbage.

W ell, we are in November now in Greece and the weather is getting chilly although we are still going around with short sleeved shirts and no jumpers. I am proposing today something "homely" which came out very pleasant even if it was not made according to Sharon Ryan's Irish recipe. I only had half of the ingredients so I improvised the other half! The original recipe is called Baked Cabbage with Bacon. But since I am trying to avoid bacon, (I didn't have any anyway) here what I did.....