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Plain Broiled Gambas....Now That's A Starter To Make Your Mouth Water!!

These Gambas Come 6-8 Pieces To The Kilo I have one culinary souvenir from my days working in the Red Sea Area of Egypt and this is the size, ease and low price I could come back home in Cairo with nearly 10 kilos of these huge, shrimp/prawns/gambas fresh out of the sea. Always kept a big ice chest in my Chevrolet 4 x 4 for such occasions. For somebody who really likes prawns, the best way to eat them is plain with just lemon and olive oil.  A kind of sauce can be made on the side just in case someone wants to dip his prawn in it. The other day was my 65th birthday, a milestone in my life.  So I decided to have some friends over to give them (and myself) a real treat.... here's how: