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Quiche With Gorgonzola And Onions....Different

A s I was cleaning up my desk from the pieces of paper I had with phone numbers, names, recipes, etc, I came across an interesting recipe but I honestly cannot remember who gave it to me, or where I got it from.  I would like to share with you today something which looks like a quiche but it is not. The base pastry is much thinner than the actual one used for the quiche, and the fixings on top are not as elaborate...

How To Make Ginger / Garlic Paste Mix ...A Very Useful Ingredient For Most Preparations And Marinades...

G inger / Garlic Paste is a very useful ingredient to add to many preparations and marinades because not only they give a beautiful aroma and taste,

How To Sterilize Jars...Very Important

T he easiest way to sterilize jars fir freshly made marmalade etc. is as follows:

Creamed Spinach....Another Delicious Side Dish

W e all know that spinach is very good for you eaten in any way. One of the ways is creamed.....

Saffron Rice With Orange, Garlic And Ginger...A Fine Side Dish

R ice is always a fine side dish which works with everything. I would like to share with you a new taste I discovered today: Saffron, Orange rind, Garlic and Ginger.

Chocolate Chip Cookies...Some of the most popular cookies...

 C hocolate Chip Cookies are enjoyed by everybody,  kids and grown-ups, that is why I will give you Betty Crocker's recipe I've been using for over 25 years.