Quiche With Gorgonzola And Onions....Different

As I was cleaning up my desk from the pieces of paper I had with phone numbers, names, recipes, etc, I came across an interesting recipe but I honestly cannot remember who gave it to me, or where I got it from.  I would like to share with you today something which looks like a quiche but it is not. The base pastry is much thinner than the actual one used for the quiche, and the fixings on top are not as elaborate...

and by consequence is much lighter and not so filling. For this purpose it can be used as an appetizer, starter before a meal or a meze during a cocktail party.
You will therefore need: 
Serves 6 squares 12 x 12 cm each as an appetizer, or 12 squares  6 x 6 cm each or 24 triangles (let's see here Pythagoras theorem where in a right angled triangle: the square of the hypotenuse is equal to
the sum of the squares of the other two sides so the triangles are 6 cm x 6 cm x 8.4 cm...BORING!!

-  1 kg onions roughly chopped.
-  300 ml fresh 35% cream.
-  300 gr Gorgonzola cut into pieces.
-  2 large eggs beaten.
-  1 Tbsp. sugar.
-  ½ tsp. salt.
-  1/3 cup butter.
-  2½ cups of water.
-  1 sheet of any kind of pastry 28 x 38 cm except the one used for Baklava pastry or "Kanaki Kourou"
-  Butter to brush cookie sheet and pastry.
-  1 Tbsp. dry thyme.
 Making caramelized onions:
-  Heat 1/3 cup butter, add 1 Tbsp. sugar and ½ tsp. salt.
-  Add chopped onions and stir till they are bubbly.
 -  Add water and let boil at top heat till it evaporates to cook the onions.

-  When all water is evaporated reduce heat and keep stirring till all the onions are slowly evenly  caramelized and get that beautiful brown color.
-  When done, turn off heat and remove from stove top. Set aside.
Making the Gorgonzola mix.
-  Combine Gorgonzola, cream, eggs and blend well
Making the quiche:
-  Preheat oven to 180 degrees C.
-  Brush surface of 28 x 38 cm cookie sheet with butter.
-  Line with pastry to cover surface.
-  Brush surface of pastry with butter.
-  Place caramelized onions in the center leaving a 1 inch empty space around the edge of the cooky sheet.
-  Pour the Gorgonzola mix all over the cookie sheet.
-  Sprinkle with tyme.
-  Bake on bottom shelf for 35 - 40 minutes or untill the surface has taken a nice brown color.
-  Let cool 15 minutes.
Cut in squares 12 x 12 cm and serve as a starter / appetizer or
Cut each big square into 4 little squares and serve as finger food during a cocktail party or

Cut each little square into triangles because we are in a financial crisis!



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