How To Make Ginger / Garlic Paste Mix ...A Very Useful Ingredient For Most Preparations And Marinades...

Ginger / Garlic Paste is a very useful ingredient to add to many preparations and marinades because not only they give a beautiful aroma and taste,
but because ginger in itself is a good meat tenderizer. I follow many blogs and choose many useful information to share with all of you. I have taken this particular one from simple Indian cooking  posted by Sabera on January 15th 2012.
The following ingredients and method are self explanatory and do not need photos.
 Your will need:
 -   1lb garlic, peeled
 -   1lb ginger peeled and cut in small pieces.
 -   2 tbsp good quality ove oil, or any vegetable oil
 -   2 tbsp white vinegarli
 -   1/4 tsp salt
-  Combine all the above ingredients.
-  Blend together until they all form is a well-ground paste.
-  Add 2-3 teaspoons of water if necessary, to loosen the solids in the blender.
Store in sterilized glass jar in the fridge. Please check my How To section.
This paste should easily last you a couple months.


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