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Lamb Curry.......Also Perfect For A Cold Day.

                                               Lamb Curry Cooked in a Karahi                                                         Lamb Shoulder is one the most tender parts of the lamb.

Baked Lamb Cutlets........Interesting For A Change

B aby lamb in my opinion is not only tasteless but a pity to eat when  so young. Older lamb has more taste and more meat. The best lamb is immediately after it stops feeding on its mother's milk.  When buying a lamb shoulder, sometimes the whole rack of cutlets is also included.  Therefore it is possible to separate the cutlets from the shoulder and use each to make a different dish. In this recipe we shall use the rack of cutlets.  I used the shoulder to make a Lamb Curry.

Giant Beans With Smoked Pork.......Warming For Cold Days

Giant Beans Uncooked Giant Beans After Boiling Earthenware clay casserole Ready to Serve                                                                       G iant beans are basically Greek.  They look like ordinary small white beans only they are three times bigger especially when they are cooked. The traditional way to cook them is with tomato sauce very slowly in the oven. I would like to share with you a concoction of mine with a slightly north European countryside touch: Giant Beans with smoked bacon, smoked pork ribs, and smoked pork sausages, thus giving the whole dish a smoky flavor perfect for a cold February day.

Chicken Souvlaki Marinated in Soy Sauce/Oil/Lemon........Deliciously Exotic

T he national food in Greece is practically the Souvlaki . Chicken, beef, fish, pork, lamb souvlaki is served everywhere even in the street, like in the United States they serve hot dogs, or Germany " wurst " . Since the tendency nowadays is to eat white meat as opposed to red, chicken is widely used.  We are therefore trying to cook chicken in a variety of ways so as not to get bored of it!!

Chicken Livers with Ouzo Flambé.......Splendid!!

T his dish is served in fine restaurants in Greece. Greeks love it, even foreigners love it. So try it, you will love it!

Sauce No.16 For Pasta.........Surprise!!

A lthough the Chinese invented spaghetti, the Italians really know how to eat it in all styles and ways! The simplest way and I really mean the simplest is with just plain good, unsalted fresh butter and freshly grated parmezan, if you wish. Pasta can be eaten without parmezan you know. Parmesan or any other grated cheese is not a prerequisite for pasta. You can eat pasta without chesse. It is all a matter of taste. As they say in French: "Les goûts et les clouleurs ne se discutent pas".   (look under g). So, one evening you have absolutely nothing in your pantry or fridge to make a sauce with then you can use fresh butter as follows:

Beef Patties French Style......Henri style

H ello every one and greetings to my friends in the south west of France, a breath away from the Spanish border town of Fontarabia . So close that you can drive for Tapas and back for the evening news. This recipe will be a quick one and belive you me it is delicious on one must use the recipe I posted on January 6th 2011, under the name "Beef Patties".