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Sesame Coated Turkey Pieces With Cabbage

 H aving had Turkey Piccata for lunch yesterday there were some pieces of uncooked turkey leftover for today.  Sometime I act like a pregnant woman who has to have something to eat or else the baby will come out with a birth mark similar to what she wanted to eat!! So I felt like eating turkey coated with roasted sesame....


Bain Marie (Pyrex Bowl With Lid) Karahi For Indian Cooking G ood morning my friends! Hope you have a nice week end ...we are well into autumn and the weather is getting cooler by the day. I prefer the cold since I tend to have more ideas on cooking cold weather foods as opposed to summer, Boy I tell you!! I really had a problem this past summer trying to find light meals and salads because I like none of them. I love calories!! Greasy food!! Fat!! You would say Yech!! but in the 7 billion people around this globe there must be other people like me!! Not that I am looking down upon you guys, my friends and relatives but that's me and that is why I like gives me an opportunity to express my feelings, my likes, dislikes. It relaxes me. God only know how much relaxation I need...... I just would like to share with you, how so very important it is to have the right equipment. There still are a few other things I need but slowly I'll get there.  People say"

Breast Of Turkey Piccata With Dill And A Hot Beet Salad.

S ometimes a plain beetroot salad works just fine with certain foods.  The hot and sweet beets come to equalize the salty capers all being engulfed by the acidity of the lemon.  Serving a pounded thin slice of breast of turkey topped with a wine, dill, caper, butter sauce is exquisite....and all served over baby penne rigate which have soaked in the general taste of everything!!... Wow!!

Sweet Peas And Cauliflower With Cracked Wheat (Bulgur)

T hursday just before the week-end is a normal quiet day so lunch goes accordingly. It is, however,  a dish full of vitamins and fiber....

The Pressure Cooker...Based On Laws Of Physics.

Denis Papin The First Pressure Cooker " Denis Papin (22 August 1647 - c. 1712) was a French -born physicist , mathematician and inventor , best known for his pioneering invention of the steam digester , the forerunner of the steam engine and of the pressure cooker . Papin invented the pressure cooker in 1679, but it took another 200 years to become a kitchen appliance. Read more: How High Pressure Cookers Work | A pressure cooker is an airtight cooking vessel that uses basic physical principles to cook food in a fraction of the ordinary time. Pressure cookers use the fact that water can be heated well above its normal boiling point if it's in a sealed container that keeps steam inside and allows steam pressure to build beyond normal atmospheric pressure. Pressure cookers consist of a base, interior steaming rack, locking lid, vent tube and pressure regulator. Re