Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Corn Bread With A Twist....Putting Imagination To Work

Today I am thinking of sharing with you a Betty Crocker southern style corn bread recipe twisted to suit Mediterranean pallets. I plan to use sun-dried tomatoes and green olives instead of corn, milk instead of buttermilk. Greeks are not yet used to buttermilk, parmesan cheese and 1 tsp. baking soda instead of ½. It goes like this....
To make this Mediterranean style corn bread you will need:
Serves 8 pieces.
-  1½ cups yellow cornmeal (flour from corn) not corn flour because this is something else: it is what we call Maizena (a brand) used to thicken sauces with.

-  ½ cup all purpose flour.
-  1½ cups milk.
-  ¼ cup olive oil.
-  2 tsp. baking powder.
-  1 tsp. sugar.
-  1 tsp. salt.
-  1 tsp. baking soda.
-  2 large eggs.
-  80 gr sun dried tomatoes
-  50 gr. green olives pitted and cut very small.
-  ½ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese.
-  An oven proof skillet with metal handle or any square or round mold you wish.
-  Heat oven 230 degrees C.
-  Grease bottom and sides of a 30 cm oven proof stick-free skillet or any other mold you wish but should be lined with parchment paper without greasing.
-  Put empty but greased skillet into oven until you combine the ingredients.
-  Combine above ingredients in a bowl and beat vigorously for about 30 seconds.

-  Pour batter into the very hot pan which should produce bubbles and a sizzling sound .
-  Bake for 20 minutes or until the top is golden and center is dry when a baking probe is introduced in the middle.

-  When ready, slide it on a mesh like surface to cool before cutting.
Note: You can bake it in an 8 inch or 9 inch square mold lined with parchment paper so you can eventually cut in in squares.
Serving suggestions:
-  With beans.
-  Casseroles.
-  Saucy dishes.
Bon Appétit,
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  1. Great version of the classic (Greek) cornbread! It reminds me of a recipe an aunt of my mother's used to make in Karpenissi. Have a nice evening:-)

  2. Wow thanks Anna! I see you're reading thru my recipes. I'm looking at your recipes and my mouth is watering especially the chestnut meatloaf wrapped in bacon and the stuffed turkey rolled in pancetta. Amazing! It is a very good idea to wrap your roll with bacon and/or pancetta this way it gives the whole a smoky flavor and keeps it moist. I will definitely use this idea, in fact I'm am going to make the whole recipe! I'd appreciate if you would tell me how you made the stuffed turkey breast so perfectly round without things sticking out. I don't know if you have seen mine a few recipes ago. Do you use a net? Like I do? Or do you tie it like professional butchers do? But I'll tell one thing your husband is very lucky eating gourmet food every day. Just watch his weight Ha Ha. And to say Barbara was in Brussels for 5 months with the Commission. That terrine looks excellent too I think I'll make this one for the holidays. Cheers and very happy we can discuss "FOOOOOOOOOD" I'm always hungry as well, literally, I weigh 145 kg!!

  3. Hi:-) Of course I read your recipes, what would be the point to visit then? As I try to do with the rest of the blogs I have "saved" in my list. I'm glad you found some recipes to like and if you decide to cook any of them let me know if they satisfied you and the family. The turkey breast (and other similar cuts) I, usually, manage to cover after I ask the butcher to cut it in such way so to be as round as possible. Then I just wrap the pancetta holding it with toothpicks, it looks like a hedgehog in an oven pan (not very professional, eh?)! ha ha ha Only once I used a net and then I covered with the pancetta. I'm not an expert in cooking you know, faaaar from it!!! And don't think that I cook in this way every day, these are some exceptional recipes (gathered through the years) because of the Christmas season... The every day food is a mixture of Greek classics and some foreign food but not gourmet at all. Most of the cooking is taking place during the weekends when I have more free time because the rest of the week by the time I'm back home is rather late for funcy cooking (plus, being a Taurus I can be quite lazy as well ha ha ha)... Especially lately that my husband has to be in England most of the time because of his job I only cook for one and rather quick/easy stuff. So, he might not be so lucky after all... ha ha ha
    As for "being always hungry"... lets not get there!! Like to discuss about food?! lets not get there either!!! Weighing too much?? a ha! Story of my life and a very "up and down" one!!! ha ha ha
    I'm afraid I took advantage of your hospitality.... Sorry for the too much blabbing... Have a nice weekend:-)

    PS: Barbara mentioned to me that she had spent some time in Brussels. Pitty she is not still here. We might have had the chance to meet

  4. Good morning Mr Stelio, I hope you'll see this message soon enough:-)
    I just wanted to wish you HAPPY NAME DAY!! Polyxronos!! I wish you all the best and good health!!:-)) Anna

  5. Good evening Mr Stelio:-) Just to let you know that I have replied to your comments so you can visit anytime you want. I do apologise in advance for the, once again, long replies of mine... I have to stop doing this, it's becoming annoying and I'm surprised because I'm not famous as a "chatter box":-)))) Have a nice evening

  6. I love long replies, not annoying, on the contrary, very amusing and as Special NCIS Agent Gibbs says: "Never shows a sign of weakness". Good Night.