Corn Bread With A Twist....Putting Imagination To Work

Today I am thinking of sharing with you a Betty Crocker southern style corn bread recipe twisted to suit Mediterranean pallets. I plan to use sun-dried tomatoes and green olives instead of corn, milk instead of buttermilk. Greeks are not yet used to buttermilk, parmesan cheese and 1 tsp. baking soda instead of ½. It goes like this....
To make this Mediterranean style corn bread you will need:
Serves 8 pieces.
-  1½ cups yellow cornmeal (flour from corn) not corn flour because this is something else: it is what we call Maizena (a brand) used to thicken sauces with.

-  ½ cup all purpose flour.
-  1½ cups milk.
-  ¼ cup olive oil.
-  2 tsp. baking powder.
-  1 tsp. sugar.
-  1 tsp. salt.
-  1 tsp. baking soda.
-  2 large eggs.
-  80 gr sun dried tomatoes
-  50 gr. green olives pitted and cut very small.
-  ½ cup freshly grated parmesan cheese.
-  An oven proof skillet with metal handle or any square or round mold you wish.
-  Heat oven 230 degrees C.
-  Grease bottom and sides of a 30 cm oven proof stick-free skillet or any other mold you wish but should be lined with parchment paper without greasing.
-  Put empty but greased skillet into oven until you combine the ingredients.
-  Combine above ingredients in a bowl and beat vigorously for about 30 seconds.

-  Pour batter into the very hot pan which should produce bubbles and a sizzling sound .
-  Bake for 20 minutes or until the top is golden and center is dry when a baking probe is introduced in the middle.

-  When ready, slide it on a mesh like surface to cool before cutting.
Note: You can bake it in an 8 inch or 9 inch square mold lined with parchment paper so you can eventually cut in in squares.
Serving suggestions:
-  With beans.
-  Casseroles.
-  Saucy dishes.
Bon Appétit,


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