The Athens Meat Market.....Very Interesting

Today I went to the Athens Meat Market because I needed to buy "Lamb Necks", not the head, not the rest of the lamb,  just the necks.Well....I had my lesson for the day!!....

Baby Lamb Halves

Whole Baby Lambs

Older Lamb Halves.

Voodoo Stuff!!

Greek Butcher With Moustache

We Call It "Noua" Cooked In Wine, Onion, Garlic In A Pressure Cooker For 1½ Hours.
I needed a lamb's neck to make soup from. I don't plan to include it in my blog. The lamb's neck I needed was supposed to be from an older lamb (older than 9 months) and not from the suckling one.

Ninety percent  of the Greeks eat the milk sucking lamb which, to in my opinion, is tasteless. I thought the neck I needed was from a baby lamb. So although I bought two baby lamb shoulders including a little neck (because that's how they would only sell it) I went ahead and bought a neck from an older lamb. In Greek the baby lamb is called "Arnï Galaktos " the older one is called "Zigouri".

The above, my friends, was just a little picture of the Athens Meat Market. I promise to show you the Athens Fish Market which is also very interesting.
Hope you like the pictures.


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