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Poached Baby Cod With Olive Oil And Lemon...Light And Healthy

Fish in general is a very healthy and is a  light protein with a high water content. In fact all meat-lovers (including me) should switch to fish and eat meat occasionally.  Fish with Omega 3 are even better for you. Sardines, Cod, Salmon are few of the fish which have high Omega 3 content. Here is how you can prepare baby Cod fished offshore Cape Town, South Africa Atlantic side.

Home Made Condiment Oil....Hot, Hot, Hot But Delicious

You would want to save all the empty jars of pickles, mustard, mayo,  ketchup bottles, BBQ sauce bottles for some special sauces, condiments, preserves, marmalade made at home.

Sour Cherry Marmalade (Víssino)...It's July!!

This is July and it calls for Sour Cherry Marmalade and Sour Cherry Syrup. They come and go so quickly that I made it a point to wait for them to appear, then wait for approximately another week for the price to go down, and finally after all those years I've been wanting to make Sour Cherry Marmalade, I succeded. I did not make the Syrup though...Don't need all that sugar!!

Boiled Amaranth (Vlita In Greek)...Perfect light lunch

Amaranth is a sweet (not bitter) type of foliage vegetable which, when boiled properly, is delicious and very good for the health, lots of fiber, and all sorts of vitamins. They usually appear in the super markets in summer. The only way we eat it is plain boiled, and strained.

Mini Penne Alle Cozze Con Pesto E Funghi...Mini Penne With Mussels, Mushrooms And Pesto

There are some people who maybe do not like the taste of strong pesto but do not mind having a basil, garlic back taste.

This dish does not contain any butter or oil. Basically the sauce is made with the water of the thawed mussels, and mushrooms where the pesto has been dissolved.

Peppered Feta Spread....Delicious Appetizer

Further my article on chilies and the Scoville Heat Unit, I believe that a normal humanly possible SHU should be between 0 and 500, maybe 600 say a super maximum of 1000.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin With Cold Yogurt / Gorgonzola Sauce...Something Cool & Different

The weather in Greece now is hot. Like 38 - 39 degrees C hot so since there are many ways to skin a cat, I would like to share with you a different way to serve pork tenderloin.