Sour Cherry Marmalade (Víssino)...It's July!!

This is July and it calls for Sour Cherry Marmalade and Sour Cherry Syrup. They come and go so quickly that I made it a point to wait for them to appear, then wait for approximately another week for the price to go down, and finally after all those years I've been wanting to make Sour Cherry Marmalade, I succeded. I did not make the Syrup though...Don't need all that sugar!!
To make Sour Cherry Marmalade you will need.
-  1,750 gms of Sour Cherries with stems and all.  When stems off and pitted they weighed 1,500 gms. net.
-  750 gms of caster sugar.
-  ½ cup honey.
-  1 tsp. vanilla extract.
-  2 Tbsp. lemon juice.
-  Remove stems from cherries and wash well.
-  Remove the seeds using the special utensil as shown in photo.
-  In a pot throw in the pitted sour cherries, the sugar, the honey and cover with cold water.
-  Boil for 15 to 20 minutes, then turn off heat. Remove from stove top.
Important note:  You would want to scoop the froth away while boiling as soon as it appears.  If this is not done the marmalade will come out opaque.
-  Add vanilla, cover with a kitchen towel and let stand over night.

-  Next day boil for 5 minutes and turn off heat.
-  By that time you would want to have your jars all nice and washed and in the oven open side up for 15 minutes at 100 degrees Centigrade.
-  Now that your jars are sterilized, bring them all out from the oven, and with a kitchen towel hold each one so as not to get burned and fill them to just 1/2 cm. from the brim.
-  Cover tightly with the cap and reverse them on the table to create the vacuum. You will eventually see that the center of the cap has been sucked down and you will not be able to open it unless you use a spoon to lift the cap from the side and hear that "pop".
-  Let cool.

Enjoy for breakfast with thick Greek yogurt or salted butter and freshly baked rolls!!


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