Home Made Condiment Oil....Hot, Hot, Hot But Delicious

You would want to save all the empty jars of pickles, mustard, mayo,  ketchup bottles, BBQ sauce bottles for some special sauces, condiments, preserves, marmalade made at home. 

I am now using the ketchup plastic bottles to prepare my condiments for the months to come.I use it in dressings, fried eggs, meats, BBQ, etc. 
Bottle On The Left: Rosemary / Chili Olive Oil (Organic)
Bottle In The Middle: Garlic / Chili / Dry Coriander Olive Oil (Organic)
Bottle On The Right: Basil / Chili Olive Oil (Organic)
As I am a Chili-Head, I love everything hot and spicy...my poor family!! My daughter was weened on Tabasco sauce. Even my wife ended up loving hot food! (Thirty years!!)
So I decided to make up one batch of each of the above in the picture.
A)  Rosemary / Chili with extra virgin organic olive oil from Kalamata. 
Cut a few sprigs of rosemary from your garden or potted plant in your kitchen, wash them and dry them very well and stuff them in the bottle.
- Cut and clean your pepper like so making sure all seeds and veins are out.  Make cuts all along the length of the pepper.
-  Let mature for a couple of days at room temperature, then refrigerate. 
B)  Chili / Garlic / Powdered Coriander with extra virgin organic olive oil from Kalamata.    

-  Pound into a paste 12 cloves of garlic in a mortar and pestle. Insert garlic into bottle together with the chili and the powdered coriander.
-  Fill with olive oil leave at room temperature for a couple of days to mature then refrigerate.
C)  Basil / Chili with extra virgin organic olive oil from Kalamata.

-  Wash and dry basil very well. This is a good chance to get rid of your plant tips.
-  Stuff the bottle then add the chili. 
-  Leave at room temperature for a couple of days to mature then refrigerate.


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