Boiled Amaranth (Vlita In Greek)...Perfect light lunch

Amaranth is a sweet (not bitter) type of foliage vegetable which, when boiled properly, is delicious and very good for the health, lots of fiber, and all sorts of vitamins. They usually appear in the super markets in summer. The only way we eat it is plain boiled, and strained.

Ask your green grocer for 2 kg of fresh Amaranth (Vlita).
Serves 4.
-  2 kg of Amaranth soaked in plenty of water for ½ an hour.
-  Wash well, by changing the water two to three times to get rid the sand and anything else.
-  Cut any thick branches into pieces and keep with the rest.
-  Once you are certain it is clean, transfer to a large pot half full of boiling water.
-  Boil the Amaranth for about half an hour or till the thick branches are tender.
-  When tender, drain, let cool.
-  Aerate the boiled vegetables and cut them so that they are not too long to eat.
-  Add extra virgin olive oil, and lots of lemon juice.  Add some salt if you wish.
And enjoy!!

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