Peppered Feta Spread....Delicious Appetizer

Further my article on chilies and the Scoville Heat Unit, I believe that a normal humanly possible SHU should be between 0 and 500, maybe 600 say a super maximum of 1000.
Anything higher than this figure is too hot and will not let you enjoy what you are eating.
Today I would like to share with you a very nice spread very common in Greece. Some people make it with 0 SHU peppers namely the bell peppers.  I make them using elongated Greek hot peppers phtots below. Unfortunately I don't know the SHU and would to find out.

I bought some yesterday but because it is very hot (38 degrees Centigrade) they are nearly turning red.

You need about 1 kg of feta cheese and one of these chilies cut in thin slices.
Combine and turn both into to a paste and mix well together with 2 Tblsp. of olive oil.
You will obtain one heck of a spread.  If it is too hot spicy, then just add more feta.
Cut your flour tortillas into little triangles, toast and spread with feta/chili mix.


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