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Mussel & Salmon Casserole...The Last Of The Mohecans!!

Ok that's it! This posting is the last of the Mohecans! Four hundred and sixteen postings of every kind with pictures by somebody who had no idea at all what Blogging meant, is not bad. As from tomorrow I will start enjoying the holidays ....what holidays??....I am always on holiday, I am retired!! Now I don't even have to think myself to sleep every night thinking of what I am going to be cooking next day.  It was just like counting sheep!! However... in a few days you will be getting my Haxe with, beer, and sauerkraut boiled potatoes recipe. Haxe is the pig's hock in German which are presently being cured and should be ready in about a week. In another 5 gallon plastic container I have two pork boneless hams also being cured which should be ready in about 8 days.  Then there is the smoking which will take 1 day then our Holiday treats will be ready!...

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes With Goat/Cream Cheese...More Tappas!

As I am proceeding towards the end of my Odessy and finally reaching my Ithaka An Ancient Greek proverb says that every person on this Earth is a Ulysses searching for Ithaka " and when this man succeeds in life, is content and happy, he can say that he has finally reached 'his' Ithaka." I find this saying so romantic!!
I am proposing easy recipes so I will be remembered as the "Guy with the hot food but easy recipes". This Tappas, finger food, appetizers, meze, whatever you would like to call it is easy, quick, and inexpensive....

Pancakes Stuffed With Florinis Peppers And Scrambled Eggs...A Starter

Yep! Today is Final Countdown No. 3.  The global economy is not helping the entertainment industry very much. The various cuts in salaries, benefits etc. is making everybody "tighten their belts" to the point of asphyxiation.  Therefore restaurant and catering owners have to come up with different ways of preparing tasty, presentable dishes with the strictest minimum cost so as to come out ahead at the end of the day....

Braised Pork On A Mirepoix....Delicious And Tender

Countdown number 4. Oh yes one year's blogging is slowly coming to an end. I will not forget the help of a fellow blogger who took me by the hand through the very first steps. I cannot mention her name for obvious reasons.  God bless E.M.S.!
I prepared a bit of a gigantic mirepoix using the left over button onions of yesterday, sliced carrots, and celery sticks....

The Ultimate Most Delicious Side Dish....Glazed Button Onions

Ok everybody the Final Countdown Has Arrived. Today we start counting from 5 going to 4 tomorrow, to 3 after tomorrow and so on till we arrive to Zero and that will be the end of my daily posting. After that I will write at my leisure.
This is one unbelievably delicious dish which goes very well with braised Pork Tenderloin (filet) with its wine porcini mushrooms and mashed potatoes....